To me it. sound silly to pay such amount for getting those 3-series fresh.
They are worth less.
If your outside Brexit you need to handle custom and papers too, a pain.
I’d sell them on as is.

Lots of other good s/h kit out there, for example a Supernait 2, usually lower priced than a new XS - which is too expensive for what you get if you ask me.

Phonostage for Rega, get a Fono, its excellent VFM.

I agree with Hungry Halibut on the two box solution, especially if the aim is to add a Rega , the Nova draws heavily on the XS3 and ND5XS2 (hint, hint)

I have a Nova , and the sound is very different from the three boxes you mentioned .

The Nova does not have a built in phono stage . The XS3 does and it will be a lot better than a Rega Fono.
The one thing your three box system has , is a built in phono stage.

By the way I’ve had both the 90/92/Flat Cap and the Nova .

“By the way I’ve had both the 90/92/Flat Cap and the Nova” interesting as an owner of 90/92 that won’t last forever. Different how?

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In a word “timbre” the newer Naim’s are more musical and have more delicacy to them , perhaps less vigorous and more musical


I am thinking it’s not worth spending on the upgrade options, I would still end up with a system with no remote, which is a PIA.

So, I am really looking at the NOVA or NAIT X3 - is correct they share the same amplification specifications?

The Nova power amp has a bit more clout, being rated at 80W rather than 70 for the XS3. Obviously squeezing an amp into the same box as a streamer/DAC is a design compromise, despite the extra power that may help with some more demanding speakers.

Can’t be much in a FC to service? It’s little more than a NAPSC in a bigger box!

That service quote is almost what I just paid for a used but fully serviced 82/250…

I don’t care what the upgrades are that’s really not value for money and I think your right that you’d be better off selling the existing kit and starting again at that. Plenty of options at that kind of money that would beat a 90/92 set up….

The Nova’s HDMI prowess will be little different to the Atom’s - what issues are you having?

It’s HDMI ARC for audio only. Stereo only. No surround downmixing.

Couldn’t get HDMI ARC to work on the Nova until I realised my old rather expensive but ‘long’ boosted HDMI cable might be the issue. A similar length cheap Amazon braided 5m HDMI cable solved it - about to test an even longer one in coming days.

Yes its got very expensive at HQ for repair and service especially for older kit relative to its value and Darran must be very busy indeed!

FWIW, judging by the OP’s post 12 days ago, I don’t think the quote was from HQ but from an unauthorised servicer…

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