NAC92 with NAP160 power query

A few years back I was lucky enough to pick up NAC42 + NAP160 in a charity shop for next to nothing. The selector switch has broken and I looked into sending it of and get it fixed and serviced which will cost £250.
Now I see NAC92s selling for £200 and I wonder if I should just get one if those instead? It would be nice to have the extra inputs and I could sell the 42 to claw some money back. My question is…will the NAP 160 power the NAC 92 via the existing 4 pin SNAIC ?

Yes, a NAP160 will power a NAC92 provided the NAC92 has its 5 pin link plug fitted. However, whether it will be an upgrade on your NAC42 is debatable. If it were me, I would keep the NAC42 and send it to someone like Darran at Class A (reasonably priced and a proper authorised Naim repairer with years of experience with this kit) to get the selector switch repaired and the NAP160 serviced.

Another worthwhile step would be to upgrade to a Naim Black SNAIC4 if you still have the old grey one in service.


You have a real bargain, enjoy it.

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Thanks for the info. Now I know the NAC92 is an option. Still haven’t decided what to do.

Well, as they say - to put it rather crudely - you either need to sh*t, or get off the pot! No one else can decide for you.

Keep the 42 and have it repaired. It’s a better pre amp than the 92.


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