NACA 5 directionality

Borrowed a pair of NACA-5 speaker cables from my dealer (via UPS) to compare against my Super Lumina given that there seems to be a fair contingency that seem to prefer the NACA-5.The rest of my system is in my profile.
I believe that NACA-5 is directional. Can someone elaborate on the directionality.
Thanks and Happy Easter or Passover to all.

I don’t use it but I think the writing on the cable reads from amp to speakers.

There are arrows printed on it, these should be pointing towards the loudspeakers …

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Thanks @andrewh, @Klout10

Related question. When switching cables would it be safe to just switch off the power amp and leave the preamp and streamer on?

Yup, that’s fine.

Thanks Richard

Looking forward to your observations comparing Naca5 and SL, @jsaudio

Ok I did the comparison. I chose 3 jazz pieces I know well highlighting bass and piano. I don’t consider myself very adept at discerning subtle differences in SQ but I feel there was no doubt that the SL was better in terms of bass definition “tighter”and depth and the piano just a little more realistic.
I did also notice that the volume was a hair louder with the NACA-5 with volume pot untouched on the 552.
Also glad I will not be dealing with the stiffer unwieldy nature of the NACA-5

What’s the price difference for the same length run of SL vs NACA5?

It’s…if you have to ask, then…

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ÂŁ304.50 per metre.

I know the price but just couldn’t resist asking :grimacing:

At that price I actually love my A5…

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