NACA4 Cable Directionality

Is NACA4 cable directional like NACA5? On my NACA4 cable I see a raised ridge positioned “off center” on one conductor.

If the ridge runs the length of the whole cable, it’s just to help you differentiate your + from your - to stop anything being connected out of phase.

I can’t say for NACA4, but Linn K20 (which I am told is physically identical) has its directionality shown by the orientation of the triangles in the Linn logo. NACA5 has little arrows next to the ‘naim audio’ logos on the side - I assume you’ve already looked on your A4 for the equivalent.

Of course, you could just try it either way round and see if you can hear a difference; if you can’t, no need to lose sleep over it!


I now see the Naim logo then “Naim Audio NACA4” molded into the web between the conductors. Linn K20 speaker cable is oriented with the Linn logo nearest the speakers. So maybe I could infer that the Naim logo should also be oriented nearest the speakers.

The music should go in the direction of the writing. So n to the amp and m to the speakers.

Okay, thank you.

I just ran across a copy of a Nait I owner’s manual produced by Audiophile Systems, an early US importer of Naim and Linn. Their manual says the Naim logo circles at the beginning of “Naim Audio NAC A4” molded in the web between the cable conductors should face the speakers and is the identifier of directionality absent printed arrows that appear on NAC A5 cable.

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