Naca5 dressing

I am a new naca5 user, I would like some advice. Can I run both runs of this cable together (touching)until they split to both speakers.thanks in advance.

The two cores of NACA5 are, by design, separated by a few mm by the web between them, so I guess one might surmise that keeping the two cables separated by a similar distance could be worthwhile. I confess that this is just speculation, though, and touching them is probably fine! Perhaps you can do some listening tests and see if you hear a difference?

Cracking pic on one of the other threads of cable dressing including A5. I’ll see if i can find it.

Thank you, that makes sense, but after a good bit of time and a wrestling match with this cable to try and fit into cable lifters( yes I am that anal) I have left them as is. Also I must add that correct termination is paramount for this cable. My dealer has done an awesome soldering I have ever seen in my years. I am loath to move anything at this time as system sounds great. But I will try some gentle separation of both runs.

My dealer said that some of his clients were quite anal about such things…

Apologies for going slightly off topic…Is there a specific recommended banana plug for the speaker terminating ends on NACA5?

I run both 10m runs of NACA5 very close together for most of their length and I can’t tell any difference between that and running them separately - it’s much neater though when both together.


If your speakers are Naim or have suitable terminals then use the Naim SA8 speaker connectors or the Ovator speaker connector, if you’re running Ovators. Otherwise, choose the banana plug that best matches the contact metal of the terminals used on the speakers.

Thanks @Richard.Dane

I have two runs which run together for most of the way, the surplus is looped back and forth under the sofa!

One thing that I did discover is that the terminal spacing on my speakers, ATC is the same as naim amplifiers so I am able to use naim speaker cable plugs at both ends, very neat.

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