Naca5 impressions

I wanted to share my impressions after installing Naca5 on my Uniti Atom + Focal Aria 926.

Actually I didn’t expect such huge quality improvement over my old QED-XT40 cables. It completely blowed me away. Sound quality improved absolutely in all aspects. Everything tightened up, details revealed. Bass became very fast, deep and much more real. And it seems everything is improving every day more and more. I didn’t think that my Atom can produce such quality. I’m very impressed.

I use 2x5m Naca5 with Atom speaker plugs on amp side and Chord standard Gold plugs on speaker side.

And what is most important – I do not notice sound quality fluctuations anymore (!). It was a big frustrating problem for me, discussed a lot in new and old Naim forums. It seems that Naca5 completely solved this issue. It is already six 6 days with steady and very nice sound. First 2 days sound was a little bit flat. But third day everything turned over.

I’m really amazed.


It costs a lot of money to beat NACA5 in a Naim system, glad you are enjoying, it is a great cable.


It could be a bit more flexible though to deserve a “Great cable” award… :persevere:


I asked Naim support about Naca5 sturdiness and possibility to do sharp bends at the corners. They strongly recommended not to do any sharp bends on the cable as that very adversely impact sound quality. And this is the reason the cable is so sturdy – to avoid sharp bends and to keep bends smooth as much as possible, and in that way maintaing sound quality at highest level.

Actually this information was surprise for me, as I’ve read a lot about people using hairdryers to warm theirs cables for doing sharp bends…

Sharp bends affect sound quality? Science takes a new leap forward… :sweat_smile:

Yes that sounds very interesting and strange :slight_smile:

But on the other hand, seems that copper conductors in Naca5 are very thick. Maybe bending them introduces metal fatigue? As I understand the thicker the strands of copper the more they are susceptible to metal fatigue and maybe that weakens the signal transmitting properties worsening sound quality?

I think what they want to say but cannot is that bending their cables increase risk of damage because they are stiff like **** and they don’t do that because then customer support will get busy…

You noticed a lot of difference with Qed XT40? It was not my case on my system V1 + NAP100 + JMR Euterpe (which is now 202/250/HC/SNAPS/V1/NACA5/SBL). It was not so big. I should probably redo the test, but from my opinion this was really similar in my system…

Yes, it was like night and day difference. Seems like completely different, much higher quality system.

I noticed more forum users do not like their Naca5. And I really can’t understand why. Because in my case it was like miracle.

You think NAC A5 already sounds good now? Give it a few months down the line pal! :grinning:


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More than likely that it was terminated wrong…

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I have an Atom and NACA5 at first I noticed a big change for the best, but it was then up and down and the Atom still is but I don’t think it’s the speaker cable just that it’s a moody bugger. But now many months on, when I switch back to my old Chord basic cable I don’t really hear a big difference from the NACA5. Everyone hears different things I guess.

I also believe this can be related with termination.

Can it be also related with repeated sharp bending/rebending/straightening? As a lot of people use second hand Naca5. Who knows how previous users handled their cables, how much sharp bends they had. Maybe it is not the case, but I have a feeling that sharp repeated bending is not good for this cable. For example, take a simple copper wire, it will break after 4-5 times full bending-straightening. So who know how the wire looks inside second hand cable.

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I don’t know how your Chord cable sounds. So I can’t compare it with Naca5. Maybe your Chord is also very good cable.

But considering my situation I guarantee that everyone would hear huge difference. It is not minor change, it is huge dramatic improvement, hearable to everyone.

I actually started to believe that it was cable, not Atom. When using XT40 sound quality was drastically fluctuating several times a day. Now I have completely stable quality 6 days already. I’ll keep an eye on what happens next.

No this is not good. Repeated bending of any metal will snap it and in the case of cables break the individual strands. As I have repeated here many times before through years from my own experience with NAC A5 in a active & passive system, the terminations have to be right, if not then the system will sound almost broken and fluctuate like a bugger. It sounds to me that your cables have been done right. Plug them in, dress them and leave well alone is my advice here, the system sounding stable day in day out is also another very good indication that all is well. Just enjoy the music and let everything work it’s magic…as the cables settle in…

Its a superb cable as lon as soldered properly and usin te SA8 amp plus as well.
Witcat do a cable called te pantom a supposed uprade over naca5 at te same price and more flexible. But it doesnt ave te naim brand on it.

Naca5 only works its maic wen correct solder and correct solderin are done.
I sent mine to pete at cymbiosis as e as a reat rep for solderin naca5 correctly.

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I know, this is what others & I’ve been saying all along…when I had my active system it taught me a lot about the nature of NAC A5. If it’s not working (as in blowing you away) then it’s been made up wrong. Simple.

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I’m thinking if soldering is so important, why Naim don‘t prepare the cables in their factory (like super lumina speaker cables). It is strange that so important soldering/termination work should be done by other people, not having essential knowledge about Naca5 termination.

And for average customer it is impossible to know if cable was prepared correctly or not. I’m happy that my Naca5 sound perfect, but at the same time I’m not sure if it was prepared correctly. Maybe it could sound even better. I’ll never know.

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