NACA5 on non-naim gear?

Anyone using NACA5 or WitchHat Audio N2 cables on non-Naim gear? I used to have an XS integrated, CD5i-2 cd player and used them with NACA5 and lavender DIN cable. I sold the NACA5 with the XS and since picked up a Cairn 4810 integrated. Speakers are Vandersteen 2C. I dug out my Mogami W3082 speaker cable and 2549 interconnects and sound seemed veiled. I swapped out the W3082 for some MIT CL3 in-wall speaker cable I had in storage, and it removed the veiled effect. I’m wondering if NACA5’s would sound good with the Cairn? And, whether I should get a DIN to RCA interconnect (from Flashback Sales or something) for the CD5i-2?

Or, are there better cabling options better suited for my system now?

Back in the day NACA4 (and later NACA5) were widely considered a universal standard, regularly recommended by the various magazines as worth buying to use on just about any system. I use NACA5 with just about anything and everything, whether Naim or not, so you’ll have no problems using on other kit.

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I remember full well using NAC A5 on the end of a Arcam Alpha 5 into a pair of Mission 752 speakers. What a revelation, even to this day, with Naim system.
, More so. It’s a quality a quality loudspeaker cable. End of.

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My office system is a retired Arcam AVR with a pair of Dynaudio Audience 52SE and the NACA4 I used on my first Naim system.

Originally had a Sony CDP into a Pioneer amp and Epos speakers. My A5 goes back 30 years.

I used A4 for years with Bose 901s. As multistranded cables go A4/5 are very decent.

A5 has moved a bit the wrong side of the cost performance scale but if you have it, there’s no reason to replace it if your non Naim amp/speaker combo works best with a simple multistranded.

The cool cats have A4. :wink:

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Hi All!

Thanks for the replies. I have since traded the Cairn for a Simaudio I-5080. The Cairn was too soft to use with my Vandersteen 2C’s. To be honest, I miss my XS integrated. In the end, I might have to just find another one–if budget permits. I’ve read on some of the forums that certain Simaudio integrateds have that similar “Naim-like” lively, boogie-factor sound to them. We’ll see. I recently picked up another Naim cdp from the original owner… CD3.5. I had one of these years ago and loved the sound of this machine–more so than my CD5i-2, which is exhibiting some issues again and may need to go back to the service center. Still love the sound of the CD3.5. As for cables, I’m using Mogami W3082 for speaker and the CD3.5 came with a DIN to RCA cable made by Stellar Labs. Never heard of them, but it sound good. Will most likely pick up the Naim DIN to RCA and NACA5’s sometime soon once I get settled on an integrated.

I use NACA5 on a Rega system in the spare room and used it when that system was my main system too, no complaints.
If you’re considering getting a Naim amp again you might as well get long enough bits of A5 to suit one while you’re at it so a minimum of 3.5m per channel.

Had A5 long before I had Naim. Dealers persuaded me to try several alternatives over the years but to no avail.

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