NACA5 with non-Naim amplifiers

Is NACA5 speaker cable any good with non-Naim amplifiers? Or do its electrical properties (with the older Naim amplifier circuits designed with NACA5 impedance in mind) make it sub-optimal with other amplifiers? Does anyone have experience using NACA5 with amplifiers other than Naim?

Originally used mine with a Pioneer A400. Wonderful.

Back in the day, the magazines used to strongly recommend NACA4 and then NACA5 as one of the best speaker cables regardless of whether it was a Naim system or not.


Game over. :wink:

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Naim used to recommend a pair of wires from RS components loosely twisted.

I think people over think wires.


I’m using NAC A5 between a Quad 606 and my SL2s and it sounds great. It is a significant improvement on the 79 strand “HiFi speaker cable” I had there before the SL2s arrived. And I don’t really believe in all this cable nonsense, so for me to say it’s better…

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Whilst I’m no longer a massive fan of Naim sources I think you have to go an awful long way to better NACA5.

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I am using Naca 5 cable with Acurus 250 amp and PSB speakers. Sounds fine in a second system.

Not NACA5, but I’m still using Naim Super Lumina now that I have a Chord power amp. Sounds great, but then I haven’t tried any alternatives and they’re buried under the floorboards so I may never bother.

Thanks, everyone. I guess I’ll keep the NACA5 for my new system. It was either the NACA5 or an ancient set of Madrigal HF10C.

Well A4 was a clone of Linn K20 so A4 and A5 clearly work in Linn systems.

I ran A4 on both Arcam and Linn amps I had.

I’ve liked Naca5 in a bunch of non Naim systems. Accuphase, Line Magnetic, Sugden, most recently Hegel (I was surprised at how well 5 worked with the Hegel and a pair of new JBL 100s). Good stuff. Though I use WH phantom with my main Naim system. Naca5 with the nait 1 though.

Incorrect. NACA4 was no clone. A4 came first and was made by BICC, who then started making a very similar (but not quite identical) cable for others. IIRC, it was close enough to infringe Naim’s rights, settlement from which then paid for development of NACA5.

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For what it’s worth I tried my NACA5 runs on my Chord amps… and it was not a good match at all… the resultant is a rather shut in and lifeless sound … with the frequency extremes filtered… no bass slam.
a shame as I then needed to buy new speaker cable… (True Signal silver speaker cable)
NACA5 stored for a future time.

Interesting - I’m using my Étude with the Super Lumina I already have buried under the floorboards. I might even be able to free up some capital if I can be bothered to excavate it and try something else.

Are not Super Lumina cables a somewhat different cable construction and cable type? I have not tried those… it sounds like they must be working well with Chord amps ?

Yes, SL cables are a different construction to NACA5. For a start they’re silver plated copper, and shielded.
I did like the uplift they bought over NACA5 with my 250, although I only bought them because my dealer had a half price deal on them, so I figured I could recoup the cost if necessary. Just curious as to what would match the Chord amp really, now that I’m free of the inductance and capacitance constraints of Naim amps.

Well you don’t want high capacitance with Chord amps as it will sap performance and takeaway what you are buying into with their designs… but the Chord amps appear to have inductive protection so that is one thing one appears not to have to worry about.

It is interesting my Etude certainly runs warmer than my 250.2 did with the same speakers… possibly I am listening a little louder now… but I don’t think that it is all about that.

Thanks, I’ll probably leave things as they are for now. The rather long SL banana plugs don’t really work into my speakers, so I might think about some alternatives at some point.

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