NacN 272

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Nooby question here, does a NACN272 need a power amp to function for listening to headphones only? If it does what is the purpose of the power lead? I have read conflicting views, thanj

Hi & Welcome, yes the 272 needs a power amp, NAP200 for example.

It has an onboard power supply so should be supplied with a powerline lite power lead.

Edit, sorry mis-read your question, 272 has a front mounted 3.5mm headphone jack, you need a power amp for use with speakers

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The NAC272 is a digital streaming/analogue preamp - so to actually drive speakers you will need a poweramp or have active speakers.

The Power lead provided with the 272 is to power the unit - but you do have the option of powering the 272 with an external power supply (XPS. PS555) - in which case the mains connection is only to the external powe supply - you dont need to connect to the 272 to the main when it’s being driven by an external power supply

i thought the 272 had a Headphone socket on the front panel…why would a power amp be needed for “listening to headphones only”? (as per original post)


It will play over headphones without a power amp.


This is what I thought for headphones only but I have bought a used unit and nothing works, I got to thinking maybe the power amp is needed to ‘switch on’ the unit, but that does not seem logical

ok, silly question, but have you got the PSU link plug fitted?

(big black thingy, on the right hand side of the rear face)

Hi, I have the plug (link) with multi pins plugged in which the manual says is needed if I don’t have a separate power supply, which I don’t. I have a CD player connected, but no lights come on, not even the Nain logo.

Naim, lol, clumsy typing

Fuse blown?

Tried a different lead which I know works. I bought online as ex Display, dealer did list it as needing e. g NAP200 but assumed this was needed if I wanted a speaker system, but maybe it needs an amp to complete the circuit or something, have emailed dealer, waiting to hear back. I see Naim make stand alone power supplies so maybe I need one. I did read in a Hifi mag Naim don’t have power supplies in preamp so maybe that’s the answer but I can’t see the point on having a power lead if that’s the case

Are you confusing power amp and power lead here? It must be plugged into the mains if doesn’t have a separate power supply, and the big fat link plug must be connected in the back.

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I think the confusion is that the 282, 252, 552 need power supplies. That’s not the case with the 272.

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I have the power lead plugged into the mains, and the link plug plugged in the back, I am not home at the moment, will look again later, probably something simple but confusing me :grin:

Well, strange but good news, I tried the lead supplied by the dealer which does not look like the ones I have for my Cd5si, this didn’t work, I tried another lead I have which I know works, thus didn’t work either, finally I tried the lead from the Cd5si… and the 272 sprung into life! Just need to set up now, thanks for everyone’s input :+1::grin:

OK, strange it took 2 leads before powering up. At the right hand side at the rear there is the on/off switch - apologies for stating the obvious but could that have been toggled?

Perhaps check fuse OK in other lead(s)

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It’s strange, I did switch on and off quite a few times, strange how it worked with the genuine Naim lead, I’m not sure if the lead that came with it is Naim, although I did see another ex Display for sale and that seems to have the same lead as mine, whereas my Cd5si lead is a very chunky looking lead and plug. I am new to Naim so don’t know if they changed leads over at some stage.

Yes, there have been a few changes in leads supplied over recent years with powerline lite about 3 years ago (ish) they have a quite distinctive large black mains plug, so a later 272 should come with one.
Although any standard IEC lead should work in terms of powering up.

It may be worth a call to your dealer for their advice?

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Thanks for the info.

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The price for all this advice is a picture on the “Show us your system” thread, complete with headphones, and preferably with either a pet in the shot, or a pair of socks ( being worn)…

Yeah I know, we’re a bit weird.