Nagaoka CL1000 Rolling Record Cleaner

Has anyone on here use a cleaner like the one below?
I remember something similar that used a self adhesive roll type of thing that I feared would leave a sticky residue behind.
This one has a gel roller, similar to the gel stylus cleaners.

Even though I use an RCM, anti static sleeves and a nylon brush I still find a small amount of dust accumulates after a few plays. If anyone has used this or a similar roller I’d love to hear your views.

Many thanks,
Steve O.

Yes, back in the '80s I bought its bigger brother;

It was a great way to seemingly press any surface dust deeper into the grooves. And then a year or two later it lost all tackiness, in spite of careful cleaning exactly as recommended. I still have it, but for many years it has just languished in a big box of curious hifi accessories that i’ve wasted money on over the years.

If you just need something to quickly brush away any light surface dust to bits, then I would recommend the Hunt EDA or Goldring Super Exstatic brushes. None finer in my experience.

Thanks Richard.
£70 to spend on something else then …

I also had one years ago and had a similar experience though in addition when at its stickiest it also seemed to increase static on the vinyl. Not an unqualified success. then…

Glad I sought the wisdom of this forum before splashing out. Seemed like a good idea …
Thanks gents!

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