Nagoaka 102: question about static

Been washing my records and resleeving in Nagoaka 102.

Just opened a new packet of the sleeves and to my surprise the anti static sleeves appeared to be quite statically charged. Sticking to things and hard to open.

The first packet did not exhibit this.

Is this normal?

We can’t actually get Nagaoka 102 inners anymore. I purchase the current Nagaoka inner sleeves but recently I found a packet of the old 102s on EBay.
I am finding the same. The old 102s are very difficult to open and appear to be statically charged.
The current version of Nagaoka sleeves don’t seem to display this issue.

Hmmm that is odd. I can buy the N-102 everywhere here. A geographical distribution thing then?

I don’t know. I always used to get them then suddenly they stopped branding them as 102.
They are still available in U.K. but not branded as 102. Whether they are a slightly different formula as well I do not know.

This is the one I am buying here:

I can’t get on with the Nagoaka sleeves at all (a personal thing) so I’ve been using “Covers 33” paper/poly lined sleeves for years now with no static issues at all

I like the sleeves and don’t mind handling them.

I was just a bit surprised that anti-static sleeves would be statically charged.

But I know nothing about the mechanism behind it though. I could imagine that it works by being more prone to static than the vinyl and thereby relaying the charge away from the record.

Mine in Germany are not labeled 102 anymore on the front but called RS-LP in the text on the back. Some kind of rebranding but I was assured it is the exact same thing. I have purchased approx 10 x 50 pcs packs and they never had this charge you describe, they were perfect and I am very happy with them.

Oh noes! You should have said this is perfectly normal LOL

I cannot imagine that it is a problem though. I ordered three packs and this one does that now but it simply has to be the same material.

My wife was complaining about static discharges to metal surfaces today as well so perhaps just super dry air or something.


Good point. How do they behave now when you put a cleaned record in? Sticky? (Mine never are, sorry :wink: )

They were a little sticky but taking the record out and putting it back in solved that. I am going to play one of those records tonight so see what goed for what.

But logic dictates it has to do something with static. I mean playing vinyl is like a static generator machine. Now I am curious how it works LOL

“A common method of producing charge in the lab is to rub cat or rabbit fur against stiff rubber, producing a negative charge on the rubber rod”

Don’t rub your records with a cat!


I am choking from laughter here!

I actually have two of those running wild here and so far it has pretty much looked like I did exactly that considering the amount of errant hair I brush off.

They are singularly responsible for me not being to upgrade my deck to anything without a proper dust cover.

I had two, 8 years departed now but I still find the wool everywhere. Hence cleaning the whole collection, the wool is in the inner sleeves of records I had last played before I got the cats. It’s a battlefield, cats and vinyl don’t mix.

But I was only half joking, cat fur is also how we learned about static electricity in physics class ages ago. I understand the mechanism of creating it, but am unclear about how cleaning does away with it and how plastics like Nagaoka keep it uncharged.

Yep thats the old style. I now buy the same ones as @Suedkiez as that is what is available here now.
They are not as sticky as the 102s I just bought recently from eBay!!

Yeah one day I will probably have to redo the cleaning one day. But I do hope that day is still far in the future.

We got to play with a van der Graaf generator. Logic says the static has to discharge somewhere. In the RCM I assume this would be into the liquid and then through he body of the RCM or something. In the sleeves I really dunno.

This is so odd. I searched for the new ones and cannot find those for sale here, only the N102 branded ones.

I never had 102, when I started on 2020 they only sold the other ones, but every hifi shop website emphasized “same thing”

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So listening to the record I cleaned today and put in a “sticky” Nagoaka. Sounds as good at the others.

So gonna not try and outsmart myself here and just use them. It obviously works at it says on the box.


It can happen, but it doesn’t make a difference although it is more difficult to put the LP in first time.

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Exactly what I am finding. Thanks!