Nah 82 phono input

can the phono input be used with an external phono stage?

No, use the Tuner input.
Running an external phono pre into your Phono input would mean that you are running your cartridge signal through TWO phono stages…

You could remove the phono boards in your 82 and have the phono input converted to a line level input.
Then you could run an external phono stage and plug it into the Phono input of your 82…or just use your Tuner,Aux input.


No it works on a different sensitivity to the other inputs, simplifying it - imagine that the aux input has a sensitivity of one.

The phono input will have a sensitivity of point one, ie. 90% lower than the other inputs. This is because the cartridge on your turntable has a much lower output than a tuner , tape, or cd.

The stand alone phone stage and the built in phono stage both add extra boost. If you were to input the signal from a stand alone phono stage into the phono stage on your preamp it would produce a cacophony rather than harmony.

You can connect the external phono stage to any of the five remaining inputs on your 82. No need convert anything.

You must remove the extant phono cards, and replace them with the 526(number?) “straight through” cards. This turns Input 1 into a “line level” input.

You can then use the BNC inputs (with a suitable cable of course).

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thanks suzyW, i’ll really need the extra input as i’d run out

is there any quality impact to the “straight through” board or is it the same as the other inputs?

Not that I’ve found; I connect my Stageline-Hicap to my 82 in this manner.

As ever, YMMV…other folks’ views may differ as well. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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i assume the other inputs would have a similar card anyway

where did you get the card or board to do this? hard to find?

The other line level inputs are on the main board - ie not with interchangeable daughter boards. The boards you need are NA526 link boards. Relatively common secondhand i would think. Otherwise your Naim dealer may be able to make up some “jumper” links for you.

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They are relatively uncommon on UK ebay, but do come up every couple of months or so. Expect to pay £30-40.

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