Nai m product manuals

I am trying to find a copy of the full manual for
my new Uniti Star, but so far have only been able to locate the Quick Start Guide.
I would like to be able to rename inputs, and to select Shuffle play and Continuous play on the CD player, in order to run the player in?
All advice gratefully recieved.
Just admit, the remote control and all controls are a bit tardy, I find. Progress regressed since my Uniti1.

There is no such thing as a manual which has been discussed many times on the forum. We were promised manuals, but yet to see them retrospectively for my nd555. Its just the quick start and the Naim website info for your product.

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We could get to know each other quite well, in that case.
I’d be quite happy with a download, not necessarily a printed copy enclosed with the device. And to me, a quick start guide does not qualify to be called a Product Manual, as in the Support department.
Hopefully the knowledgeable folks here will point me in the right direction?

To rename inputs you simply go to input settings on the app, select the input you want, touch its name and then change it to what you want.

Shuffle and repeat are either end of the elapsed time in the now playing screen. That’s certainly the case for upnp so I’d expect CD to be the same.

HH has answered the question for you. More generally, in the Support section of the website there is a fairly comprehensive set of FAQs accessed via the search function. It’s not wildly intuitive (at least to me) and I can’t work out how to find the answer to your question in it. People here are pretty helpful and will do what we can to answer questions.
We know that there is a new website on the way, hopefully that will include a significant uplift in the information available.

I do recall Charlie Henderson promising to get a product manual published for the ND555 shortly after he arrived. I asked about this on the ‘Is this the beginning of the end’ thread and Richard referred the question to @Naim.Marketing, although didn’t link to her directly. Perhaps she will respond to this prompt?

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I would settle for a pdf download, just something. I think the SN3 now comes with a manual, but not much help to previous customers.

I suppose that would be an acceptable compromise, but I would have expected a hard copy to be sent by post, or at least to be made available through the retailer network. The on-line FAQs provide limited help and as @Eoink says, above, they’re not ‘wildly intuitive’.

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I have a Supernait 3, with a manual, and can’t say I’ve ever looked at it. I also have an NDX2, which I set up in about two minutes without reference to anything at all. I enabled system automation without reference to anything. I’m not exactly IT literate nor am I remotely youthful, but these things aren’t that difficult.

I’d make a plea to @Naim.Marketing that paper manuals are scrapped. In this day and age we should be looking on line. This is particularly the case for streamers, where software updates and app updates bring changes to functionality that can be kept up to date very easily. A quick start guide showing how to plug it all in is really all that’s needed in physical form.

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Thanks, chaps. HH, I blundered across the input naming menu, by pressing buttons, thanks, but haven’t committed as yet
Re the CD player, I can see the graphics for shuffle and repeat, up in the top right hand corner of the screen, but haven’t worked out how to access them. So close, yet so far, but I’ll keep trying. A touch screen would be great for this.
I agree that a PDF manual would be quite acceptable, as a download, to fill my memory chip rather than Naim’s so fingers crossed.

If you see the shuffle and repeat graphic, just touch it and it will work. The one you choose should become a little brighter.

The decision was made long ago to do away with paper manuals, especially for anything based on the new streaming platform - the features and functionality evolve so quickly, a manual would soon be out of date. (That’s on top of the environmental considerations of printing.)

The only recent exception I can think of was the manual that came with the new NAIT XS3 and Supernait 3 - an update to an existing document also features NAIT 5si (one manual comes with all 3 products). There may be other future products where we deem a manual would be a good fit, too.

Every product comes with a quick start guide, and there are a wide variety of resources available online, both on the Naim website and - of course- this Forum itself. The Forum and our other social media channels are clearly highlighted in the in-box documentation with new products, too.

As noted above, we have a new website in the works, and are always looking to improve our online resources. Watch this space!

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I think it is all becoming clear. Charlie Henderson has been pushed out from Naim because he supported issuing a manual for the ND 555 but the evil powers that be would not allow this so he had to go.


Thanks Clare, that seems sensible. The online support material is really pretty ropey. I’ve tried to use it to investigate queries raised on the forum with little success. Perhaps it’s trying too hard, and a clear and easily navigable pdf is a better solution. It’s not the whizziness that matters, it’s the ability to find answers.

The other thing I find really useful is the photos of the rear of products. It’s so easy to take a screen shot to help answer questions. These exist for the classic products but not for the Unitis. It would be good if they were there for all products bar the mu-sos.

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It’s something we’re addressing, certainly.

In the meantime, there are full 360-degree, rotable pictures of each Uniti product on their respective product pages - I just took the Atom for a whirl

You’re right, I’d forgotten that. I’d get rid of this meaningless rubbish too:


Hi Clare

I cannot find the rotatable pictures for Star, Nova or Core. Are you sure it is not only the Atom which has one or am I looking in the wrong place?

HH, I can only see the graphics on my Star screen, and not on the app on my phone. I tried touching the Star screen, but no change.
But, as I almost never use it in real life playback, it isn’t really a problem, and only became one when I wanted to leave the Star on playing continuously, to run it in. But, internet radio is so good, I 'm using that instead.
I have managed to rename the Din analogue input, thanks.
Also, thanks, Claire, the new website will be keenly awaited, but I would have thought that a manual which gives basic info, doesn’t have to be paper, just a PDF computer file for downloading which could be updated as necessary, surely no more frequently than system updates? Not all Naim aficionados are as highly intelligent as the majority here seem to be, I for one need a degree of handholding at least until I have learned the sequences, and even then it’s handy to be able to refer back to a source, either a downloaded file, which could be printed off at home, or on the Naim site.
Thanks again, all. And I must say that, although it’s only been in use for a day, sonically it’s very promising, over my in-for-repair Uniti1.

Mostly IME new websites, do not have more/better content, unless it’s “marketing content”, but it’s more about the ‘look and feel’. Content can be migrated, so why not add to the old one already?

But they often do provide a great opportunity to play buzzword bingo.

Happy for Naim to be the exception of course.

Having the RC5 System Automation options clearly and completely documented would be useful! :slight_smile: I know I’m not the only one that has struggled to get straight answers out of Support.

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