Naia Uniti Core

I recently purchased a Naim Uniti Core and have just finished burning my cd collection , c.1500 cds , to a Seagate Pipeline HD 2 TB Internal Hard Drive.
I have the unit connected to my Rotel RAP1580 amp (Digital Coaxial) and overall I am very pleased with the exception of one annoyance.
During playback there is a sort of faltering, jittery effect before music and in fact playback actually begins slightly past the beginning.
I’m hopeful that there is some way to resolve this please and would be very grateful for any suggestions.

It shouldn’t do this. Have you tried a full power off restart of the Core? Unplug the Core and wait for a few seconds and let it restart.

If that doesn’t work, how are you controlling the Core? I assume with the Naim app?



Hi David and thank you very much for responding.I have powered off the unit a few times to no avail and yes I am using the Naim app on IOS which I have deleted and relaunched.
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As you are using a multi-channel AV amp, I suspect it may not be set up to take a standard 2-channel audio signal. I’m no expert on AV gear, but the first place I would look is the digital input settings on the Rotel.

It could have some kind of signal sensing on the Rotel for choosing between bitstream or PCM or maybe it just takes a second or two to lock on to the signal. As Chris recommends above, it may be worthwhile checking the Rotel instruction manual carefully.

Hi Chris and thanks for your response and advice.I have checked the user manual for the Rotel Amp and it appears the settings for the digital coaxial 2 channel input are appropriate but I think I will try to contact Rotel and ask for some advice.
Kind regards,

Hi Richard and thanks for your response.
I have checked the Rotel settings and perused the User Manual and it appears that everything is set up appropriately but as I said to Chris I will try to contact Rotel for advice.I had not considered the Amp to cause a problem.
Kind regards,

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