Nail Muso Repair (Box needed)

Hi All,

My 5year old muso sadly failed to boot after a power cut, with no lights shown at all (power cable working). I have contacted naim and they now do repair these units £199 fixed cost. However a caveat… you must return your unit via a dealer to naim in original casing. I have the box but only have half the polystyrene… and this is needed. Does any one the full packing for a muso 1st gen I can buy? Borrow? Or beg for? All help greatly appreciated.

That’s not unusual. Many decent dealers will transfer a unit to one of their own boxes before forwarding to Naim. Or you can buy a replacement box from Naim but they are crazy expensive. Best to speak to your dealer about this rather than the forum.

As feeling-zen says.

I returned a friend’s malfunctioning CDX2 to Naim via a dealer a couple of years back and the dealer took it from me naked as it were and gave it back to me a month or so later in the Naim plastic wrapping. My friend had to pay the transport cost up front as well as the repair after, but the dealer (who wasn’t her dealer) lent one of their Naim boxes to us for the purpose free of charge.


Will try another dealer, current one says that as they aren’t boxed in the UK they have no spare boxes… :disappointed:.

I would contact your dealer. I’m sure they will be able to help you out.

P.s. pease note forum rules though - no “wanted” or “for sale” ads or offering of goods or services is allowed here.

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