Naim 05 Tuner (non XS version)

Naim 05 Tuner (non XS version)

Does it come with DIN to DIN cable originally ?


Yes it should do plus a manual, remote control and mains lead.

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Mine did.

Pretty sure mine did. The hardest hook-up was the connection for the antenna. An odd-ball jack as i recall. Not willing to look at this point. Firm believer in just looking will cause something to go wrong .:grinning:

The antenna connection plug is a standard female Belling Lee, it’s not odd ball at all. I use a 90 degree angled plug that for me gives better cable dressing.

The standard kit includes DIN - DIN IC, power lead with IEC320 plug, remote control & manual.

It’s standard here in UK, but I’m not sure it’s standard in all of Naim’s markets, which may be why there are threads about it from time to time.



Fair point, but I had no trouble finding them in USA, S.A & mideast when I stayed there & that was all pre or very early internet times.

MY point was in theU.S.A. , it is not so easy to find the antenna connection. Stores - yes actual stores (such as radio shack) for the most part didn’t know what it was, or if they had it, it was squirreled away. Putting a name to it probably makes it a lot easier to find.

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