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Hello, sorry to bother all of you experts with my troubles, but i just went through a total loss interior flood and lost many many thousands of dollars in Naim wifi equipment/multi room speaker setup. Generation 1 is what I had.

Now with the sudden audio loss, this has a critical impact on my business, so this has sent me hurrying, trying to gather all of the new Generation 2 specifications and I must say that between Generation 1 and 2, your technology has changed so much that after several hours today of studying your site, I still cannot understand enough solid facts to make a new purchase of a Generation 2 system.

In terms of wifi speakers placed in a multi room situation, I think this speaker will be more than good:

I am not sure exactly how many of these that I need, but I think that I will start with 4.

And now, you all have out network players which I like the idea of; I guess they manage your whole wifi system. And from what I ready, the 500 series gives you the best refined sound for music. Bear in mind here that I ONLY use my Naim products for music audio. I do not like or watch any TV. If I watch any video it is on my Ipad.

So having clued you all in a bit as to what I am attempting to put together here, I would LOVE to get all your experts advice/opinions because truly I am in the dark here. But I am just like everyone else, I want what I need to get the job done. And I think it would be a little crazy to rebuy all generation 1 stuff.

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It’s not clear from your post exactly what you want. Is it just muso Qbs to use in multiroom? If so, remember that the maximum you can sync together is four.

Do you also want a separate full hifi system? If so, what is your budget?

Visiting a local Naim dealer for advice, and to listen to options, is probably the place to start.

There’s not that significant a change between gen 1 and 2 musos. Gen 2 sound a bit better, the WiFi works more effectively, the streaming platform is improved, but fundamentally they are the same sized boxes with the same number of drivers, and the same overall user experience. Plus the rrp has recently been reduced. If you’ve owned gen 1 then gen 2 is an easy replacement.

The 500 system you mention is the absolute opposite from the muso. They are a significant monetary investment, require specialist setup to operate at their best (or at least an owner who is familiar with this) and produce a sound that could overwhelm the uninitiated - trust me, pretty much all the people I know have never heard music reproduction at such a scale; my system astonishes the very few who’ve heard it and that’s nowhere near the level of 500.

You need to go visit a Naim dealer and have a chat about what you are trying to achieve within your budget.

When you say that you had Generation 1, do you mean Muso wireless speakers, or are you referring to the much earlier NaimNet multi-room system?
The difference between Gen1 and Gen2 Muso wireless speakers is small, hence me wondering if you mean that you had NaimNet.

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