Naim 202 RCA socket input spec

Please could some advise the maximum signal level that the 202 RCA sockets can tolerate?

Is it really 75mV?


The preamp reference manual quotes an input overload margin of 40dB

I think that translates to maximum input level of 3V

What are you looking to connect?

The output of an NDX, for example, is 2.1V and that’s fine. The Chord Dacs can be higher. All seen to be ok.

IIRC, Julian once said that the Naim pre-amp design could take a 7V signal before overloading.

Many thanks to one and all.

I’m thinking of trying out a Topping D90 MQA DAC as I’m curious to see how this performs with Tidal’s MQA encoded recordings.

This device has a line output mode which disables the built in preamp and sets the output at 2V.

I’ll be using this with Audirvana on a Mac

Rest of system is 202/HICAP/200/Focal Diablo Utopias

2V is red book standard output for CD players - same as Naim CD players and digital sources. Your NAC202 will have no problems there.

Many thanks!

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