Naim 252 issue

On powering up my 252 remains with its lights on, stuck in mute and cd.

No amount of fiddling with the remote or the buttons on the fascia seems to get it out of this state.

Any ideas?

Is it in programme mode? Press and hold the prog button.

Maybe a reset. Read the amplifier user manual it will tell you how to reset things. Also enablong and fisabljng unity gain etc…

This may sound ridiculous but some unknown reason it can work. Take the power chord out of the back and out of the wall socket. Replace after 10 seconds then power up again. Sometimes it overrides a temporary tech freeze…good luck would be interested to know how you solve it in case it happens to anyone else. HNY

No idea exactly what happened - could have been anything really.

Certainly none of the buttons on the fascia when depressed were working.

I did try the exit from program mode recommended but didn’t solve it initially anyway

After about an hour after I made the post here it sorted itself out and back to normal.

Very odd.

If it’s of any comfort, you’re not alone with this kind of experience.

It’s often better to power-down for say 30 mins or better overnight, so as to let all the cap’s and PCBs discharge any current. And pressing more buttons can sometimes ‘confuse’ the unit more IME, especially with CDPs.

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It can sometimes happen if the front panel is touched and you offload a lot of static. It can lock up the display board for a bit and can light up some or even all of the buttons.

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It happened to me recently with my 252. The record section was ‘locked’. I don’t remember the key presses by heart, but a factory defaults reset is achieved by pressing a few seconds the ‘prog’ button followed by the ‘disp’ button. Then you would need to configure DIN/Phono selection for CD player and Aux2 inputs and the unity gain selection if you use that for home cinema.
The user manual is pretty self explanatory so I would look at that. The following provides a link to the PDF document:

{Naim amplifier user manual PDF}

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