Naim 272 upgrade next step

I am relatively new to Naim gear having had a CA 851N/Rega TT/Elex-R front end until last year…always hoped to move to a Naim based system and the sequence began with first a 272/Parasound A23+ combo. Next Harbeth SH5PlusXD speakers then TP XPS then swapped out for XPS DR…needless to say huge improvements in all respects. Now contemplating the best next steps to further improve my system. How major an impact would replacing the Parasound with a 200/250 power amp be? Does DR vs non DR make a huge difference here? Especially interested in experience with Harbeth and Naim amps…

A 272 with a 250DR is an excellent system. Currently, there are bargains to be had on the 250DR due to the New classic range. Another upgrade to consider would be a power supply for the 272, it makes a much bigger difference than you would expect.


I agree. Had that system for several years (with XPSDR). If budget allows you to add a power supply at some point, that would be the icing on the cake.



Thank you both for your comments:)…from what you are saying, if I understand correctly the change to the 250 DR power amp would like make more overall impact than trading up from my XPS DR PS to the 555PS so often mentioned in other discussions on the 272.


That’s a Yes from me.

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272/250DR with an XPSDR was a bit of a sweet spot in naim’s old range. Really enjoyable combo, great value for money.

Enjoyed ours for 18 months.

At current used prices one could build this 3 box combo with fairly young boxes for 5k ish. For the price, if you can live with the old streaming tech, it would be hard to beat.


Apart from no easy access to Qobuz, I am not sure that 272/250 misses much in functionality and the sound quality should be excellent.


Could someone please help I am thinking of upgrading my amplifier Rega aethos to the naim supernait 3 I have focal kanta 1 linn silver speaker cable linn silver rca cables naim cd player would that be a upgrade and better sound thanks very much

The Aethos is a very respected amplifier. I’m not sure a Supernait 3 would be an upgrade, merely different. Rega are a fine company and make some excellent equipment.


[HungryHalibut Is that a good match I have thanks mate ]

Is what a good match?

Rega aethos and kanta 1 linn cables

Rather than take this thread off topic it would be best to start a new one specific to your query.

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I suspect you may find the 272/XPS DR/250 DR a very difficult system to beat, especially as others have mentioned, at its current price point in light of the introduction of the New Classic range.

Indeed after a NC dealer demo day, whilst tempting, indeed very tempted, I could not find it in myself to vote for the change. True, I have added PowerLines, FraimLite and a SL loom to my 272/XPS DR/250 DR which may add a little something to the overall experience, and it remains the best sounding system I have ever had

So, your indicated upgrade path above should sound very good indeed, as many other on this platform will testify.

Good luck with whatever you decide, good hunting for the components you want and above all enjoy your listening.


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Appreciate your POV…I happened to get my hands on a 250DR in great shape and no question the 250 really grabs the harbeths much better than my Parasound A23+ which I sold. Well worth the extra $2K CAN…

Since then I’ve been reading that the preamp in the 272 is much better than the streamer or Dac especially with the XPSDR or 5 series PS. Have people tried the iFi zen Stream or other pure streamer to “update” this aspect of the 272?

Try this…

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I’m not sure how correct you are here. The main issue with the streaming platform is it is the legacy one, doesn’t have Qobuz, Roon etc. Sound quality wise I don’t think a iFi would be a huge (if any) improvement.

I recommend looking at getting Roon up and running on your 272 via one of the various options rather than add more complexity and cables and power supplies to the 272/250.


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Could you post a photo of your system?

Audirvāna and Qobuz would be a cost effective upgrade to the 272 performance. I’ve had 272/555PSDR/300DR with Lumin U1 mini as streamer and it sounded awesome.

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555DR makes for a sensational uplift compared to the XPSDR. An iFi Zen, will give the 272 another SQ boost (tested in my system) but for me wasn’t enough to offset the added complexity.

Power cables can also bring nice improvements as well as a proper dialed-in REL sub.