Naim 282/272/250.2 with Active speakers

Current setup: Naim 282/272/250.2

What cable do I need to connect with active speakers such as Unity Audio rock?

How do I connect them to pre-amp ?

4-pin to RCA or 4-pin to balance cables ?


You need Din to RCA, as the Naim output is not balanced. Make sure one of the Dins is wired for left and the other for right.

thanks for your reply, but where do I connect the DIN to ? 4-pin DIN to 282 ? I am also using two HICAP.

Connect to Hicap 1, in place of the 250.

HICAP socket 1, 4-pin ?

Use two leads into sockets 2 and 3, or one Y lead into socket 3.

You could also dispense with the 282 altogether and connect to the two Din 4 sockets on the 272. Presumably the 272/282 is an interim step to something else.

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Thanks. Just want to make sure there’s no confusion.

Do I need one or two 4-pin to RCA cables to make this setup work?

Thanks a lot

Clearly you need two cables as you have two speakers. You can either wire both into one Din, or use two. I’d do the latter.

thank you very much. Any idea where I can find a detailed diagram as to how to make that cable in terms of connecting the DIN plug with the correct RCA plugs ?


The DIN4 wiring is shown on the Hicap rear panel picture you posted. Ch1 - left, Ch2 - right, -ve - signal ground

Thank you. Can I use 272 only without 250.2 power amp with these active speakers ?

Yes. As HH mentioned the 282 is superfluous too. The 272 has preamp out on RCA sockets as well as DIN so you could just use standard RCA cables to connect the 272 to your active speakers.

You mean using standard RCA to RCA cables connecting two speakers to 272’s Line Out or pre amp out ? Then no need to use 282 at all ?

Yes. You’ll need to use pre-amp out so the 272 is controlling the volume. The 282 isn’t needed.

If the 282 is the superior pre-amp why would the OP want to go back to using just the 272? At least I’m assuming they are using the streaming portion of the 272 into the 282 then currently connected to the 250.2. Then eventually replace the 272 with a better streamer or replace the 282 if the replacement to the 272 ever becomes available.

Indeed. The OP isn’t giving that much away of their intentions apart from wanting to connect up some active speakers. The OP has a few things to try and work out the best way forward.

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I do not know Unity Audio, but I have auditioned 272/XPS into ATC actives, which only have balanced XLR inputs, using the dealer’s unbalanced Din to XLR cables. They sounded fine to me but had I gone that way I’d have investigated using an unbalanced to balanced transformer and the OP might like to consider that possibility with the Unity Audio’s balanced XLR input if they do go active.

I also agree with @james_n that the OP needs to think where she/he wants to go with their setup. The preamp section of the 272 is currently redundant and going for active speakers makes the 250 redundant as well. If it were me, I’d be considering selling the 272 and 250 and getting an NDX2.


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Clearly, from the OP’s questions, a little thought and research on future direction wouldn’t go amiss. NDX2/282 would be good with active speakers, but of course a new streaming preamp is somewhere over the horizon, if not the rainbow.

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Source: CDX2/555PS/272-TIDAL