Naim 282 with supernait 2

I have a Naim pre 282 and I would like to turn my supernait 2 into a power amp. I understand I need to remove the link plug on the supernait and connect a snaic 4 din plug from it and connect it to the 282 standard socket. I also assume i have to connect a snaic 5 from the supernait to the upgrade socket 1 of the pre. Then i need to put the supernait into power amp mode. I like this method because I get to keep my headphone socket on the supernait. I realise its a compromise on getting a dedicated power amp but when funds allow I will add a power amp in the future. thanks

I added a NAC 282 to my SN 2 awhile back and found it to be an fantastic upgrade!

I used a HiCap DR to power the NAC 282. I do not believe you can connect it directly to the SN 2.

If you use the search feature and type in ‘Connecting 282 to SN2’ there will be a number of threads where this is discussed.

Congratulations and let us know what you think once you are up and running.

I had similar plans and asked here about the headphone output on the SN2 in poweramp mode. The answer I got was that it probably wouldn’t work in this configuration. So best to double check that, if headphone is important to you.

I later got the 282 and a 250DR in one go and someone else is a happy SN2 owner.

Same for a supernait 2.
Connect snaic 4 only. 24v power goes from sn2 to 282. “Music” goes from 282 to sn2. Through 1 cable the snaic4.

Sounds great! In the future I might do something similar, having a SN2 as well right now. Probably the 282 first is a bigger improvement in SQ compared to adding the 250DR first and using SN2 as pre?

Yes, you would do:
282 plus sn2 power amp
282/hicap plus sn2 power amp

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I was thinking how the snaic 4 on the supernait provided a power output for the pre. It says power input on the supernait for when you connect a hi cap to it. I assume it can accept input power or output power. Would that be correct. thanks

Its different with a hicap:
Sn2 sends 24v to hicap via snaic4 (actually probably doesnt happen as not connected on the hicap end, so its a 1 way configuration from hicap to sn2)
Hicap sends its own 24v via snaic5 to preamp input
Preamp sends “music” back via snaic5
Hicap sends “music” back to power amp via snaic4.
In a nutshell.

Picture might help my poor explanation!


Yes, that is what most users reccomend. As Robert_h post above.

Might depend a little on your speakers. I was keen to try the 250DR with my ATC SCM40.

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Im surprised I only need to connect the 282 and supernait with only one snaic cable. Im glad I double checked. I dont understand how the snaic 4 can provide power to the pre and also carry the audio signal from the pre to the supernait. Learn something every day. Thanks

Here’s the pin diagrams:

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I can understand it now. Thanks Robert.

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