NAIM 4pin DIN to RCA Mono


Am looking to build a cable for NAIM NAP 150 that I plan to use it to drive center channel. The ones that are available are DIN to 2 RCA cables. Am thinking Mogami 2549 and Amphenol RCA but not finding the 4 pin DIN that is for NAIM. Anyone built one and where to buy. Also should I connect positives in 4pin together? The center channel is Bowers which has two binding posts so will drive 50W 2 channels to HF and LF posts. Thoughts?

Give Dave at Flashback cables a shout. He’ll sort you out. I did the same a long time back using a NAP 90. Fed the single centre out channel from the processor via a home made cable to L&R inputs of the NAP. My centre channel speaker could be bi wired so I removed the links and fed one channel to bass, the other to treble. Just use at least 3.5m of NAC-A5 (or similar) per channel and all will be fine.

Thanks James. I am located in US and I have built cables so fairly good there. I just need some guidance on which 4 pin to purchase. I see Prey mentioned but not sure if the part is same. Also with Mogami 2549 I will need to solder two positived together to Pin 1 and 2? Or should I use a different cable as Mogami has three leads.

This is the 4 pin DIN you’ll need


Just common ch1 & 2 at the DIN plug or do whatever you find easiest to wire up. See the diagram on the back of your 150. Remember the 150 also has a 24v output so follow the wiring diagram carefully for the DIN plug wiring.

This is exactly what I wanted. Thanks James.

No worries- welcome to the forum !

One more question. Should I just ignore the 24v pin as the other end will be RCA. Like no connection whatsoever.

Yes - just leave this pin unconnected for this application. It’s just there to provide a single rail supply to a Naim pre-amp if needed.

Great. Thanks again.

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