Naim 4PIN DIN to XLR cables

Is there more than one wiring
configuration of Naim 4Pin to XLR interconnects?
I just can’t remember…

Yes, it will depend on the Naim amp, and which XLR input (CH1, CH2, or both). The back of the Naim amp will show you the pin layout needed for that amp.

Hi Richard - long time no see, hope you are well!
So there are ‘handed cables’ in the wide world?
I have a couple of old ones for my 250’s and of course they are wired with both channels. I thought there was only one config for the 4PIN to XLR cable!

There’s a green banded Left ((CH1) and red banded Right (CH2) DIN-XLR, and also a white banded one for the NAP250 which is both CH1 and CH2.

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Cheers Richard - I really don’t remember that, the old grey cells are getting a bit dim LOL

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