Naim 5 integrated amps with balance control?

A quick question folks - which of the Nait 5 variants (if any), allow for channel balance adjustment?

Only asking as I’m wondering about trying one of the 5 integrated amps to gain remote control. Balance adjustment is essential as my listening position changes during the working day, from near field seated between speakers to standing off axis at a drawing board.

The online manual for the 5si says it does not have this facility, but wondered if the same applies to all earlier 5 variants…

Note: The Nait 5si does not incorporate any facility for channel balance adjustment.

Could anyone with more experience of the Classic 5 series integrated range please confirm if this applies to the older units?

Nait 3r had balance control and a remote.
Nait 5 had balance via the remote not the front panel.
5i no balance control.

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Thanks, but it is the Classic series I’m interested in really.

What Robert says indeed. Great fun with the Nait 5’s balance control.

I see to remember that the led blinks On the volume knob once it is center.

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^^^ the original 5 then


Fabulous - many thanks! Wondered if that was the case, and it was only the original 5 which had this facility. Do any of the earlier XS variants have balance adjustment? I know the XS2 doesn’t?

Alternatively, I guess the next step up in the range would be a Supernait of some sort?

Absolutely. A very versatile amp having loads of functions. Mine is now connected to an ixo, hicap and a nap 140 driving sbls in an active setup.


The xs amps don’t have balance either.
If you are looking for the best bang for the buck then sn2 is where it’s at.

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Interesting, I do like the Supernait2, but not sure I want to spend over 1k on an amp right now, as I’d prefer to upgrade my RP6 first. Although, tempting as they have dropped in price by quite some margin since the Supernait3 came out.

The nait5 is a lovely amp and I have one that I enjoy.(£300) The only problem is that it can have problems
Notably the volume control. I’ve been lucky with mine but a service is £300 plus carriers. It’s getting quite old now. I have s tendency to buy newer ex dem with a warranty as much as possible. I’d look at Tom Tom stock or a rega brio if that’s not heresy!

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Ah, I wasn’t aware of the volume control issues on the original 5. I’ll do a little more research if this is its’s Achilles heel.

I have to admit that I have only ever heard a Brio R briefly at a show and thought it rather good at the time (powering Totem’s of some sort). If tempted away from the fold, an Exposure integrated would be very high on the list.

Exposure less guys. I heard a brio earlier this week with p3 and be speakers and was very impressed.
Or a naitxs with warranty. Good luck

The earliest NAIT 5s should be fine. IIRC, problems started once TI moved production of their encoder and it prompted Naim to re-design the amp to take a different manufacturers part (On). Most of the early TI equipped 5s that had problems will have been updated by now, I would have thought.

@Richard.Dane Any idea how to determine which control a particular Nait 5 might have? Is there a serial number threshold??

The original nait 5 will be from 2000 to 2003. Which predates both the erp system change in 2005 and the current in house change request system. Hence it wont be possible to track the specific change request for the nait 5 with build data from the erp system. There might be another way but not one i can think of with great accuracy. Unless a new part number was assigned, which could be determined from the serial number assuming that data was migrated from the old erp.

To expand on Richard’s comment, any units that proved problematic in the early 2000s were i would imagine returned serviced and fixed by now!


As Robert says above, by now, any early NAIT 5s with encoders that are still working well, will likely remain fine, whether using the original TI or having been updated with the ON. I’ll dig out my file of notes though later to see if I have any s/n info on the 5.


@Richard.Dane and @robert_h Very helpful indeed! Lots to think about.

I did a little more research last night and was quite surprised as to how versatile the original Nait5 can be - a true Swiss Army Knife! I knew it could be upgraded with a Flatcap2, but wasn’t sure it could be used as a pre/power, or power a Stageline / Superline independently. Only perhaps limited by the thirty watts per channel output for demanding speakers. Having never used one, what are the key benefits to adding a Flatcap2?

I found that adding a Flatcap2 to the NAIT 5 really improved its ability to resolve details, improve spatial clues, and give greater dynamic contrast. I ran this combination for a while in place of the main pre-power, with a Naim DAC/XPS2 as a source and the SL2s on the other end, and I was really impressed.


Thanks for the extra insight Richard, very much appreciated. Have to admit, the option of Nait5 & FC2 is intriguing and it would be interesting to compare them against my Nait2!

Reporting your comparison would be appreciated! I have never done a direct comparison, but a Nait 2 / Nait 5 share many characteristics as far as my memory serves me well.