NAIM 5 pin to RCA

Trying to connect the DIN out on an NDX to the RCA in on a pre-amp (obviously not a NAIM preamp). I have the NAIM DIN/RCA cable but, as pointed out to me by the dealer, this is really an RCA to DIN rather than a DIN to RCA. All the ones I can find ‘out there’ seem to be to connect an RCA source to a NAIM DIN input not the other way around :frowning:
Any suggestions please for a suitable cable? Not big bucks please :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure Naim would supply a Din to RCA. Alternatively you could just use the existing cable the wrong way round.

No big bucks - one obvious answer is FlashBack Sales, check out the www.
The Premium cable is a good as any at the price point, plus you get a choice of length & sleeve colour

There’s a lot of confusion about RCA-DIN & DIN-RCA most of it is ‘incorrect’.

Flashback Premium gets my vote for an inexpensive option. Plenty of alternatives from Chord etc. depending on your budget.

Yes there is a NAIM offering but muchas money :frowning:

Currently being used the ‘wrong way round’… if I was tbh I’m not always convinced about the concept of ‘direction’ on cables but…

The Naim wire is £115 I believe.

Yes… I have that one but the dealer has pointed out that it’s technically RCA to DIN not DIN to RCA… something about which end the label is on the cable.

This directionality with the unscreened Lavender cable is about the ‘best’ sounding direction.
Schematically there is no difference

Flashback only seem to do RCA to DIN, not DIN to RCA. Do I just go with the idea that the ‘direction’ on interconnects is a load of … and carry on using the NAIM DIN/RCA cable the wrong way round?

What I’m getting at is that you could ask Naim to make one the other way round.

My guess on that is they don’t want to waste print to print it both ways
The Premium cable is made up with two miniature coax wires in a sleeve, their is nothing preventing them working in either direction.

tbh I’m of the same opinion re. the hundred quid NAIM offering I’m currently using! :wink:

Indeed, Flashback do not sell this as a directional cable. The say it can be used either way.

Arrr… yes. I was only looking at the short description. The full description says both ways.

So latching or non-latching DIN?

Old Naim gear had latching DINs, but your NDX will have lock-ring. With some cables, including Flashback Premier, there is neither, as explained on their website, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Cheers… Premier DIN/RCA now ordered. tbh I doubt if I’ll hear any difference between this and the NAIM DIN/RCA used back-to-front :wink:

Well done, what colour & length ??? (side question)
The standard 5-pin DIN used looks like a Neutrik REAN with a chunky rubber damping sleeve. I have the same plugs on my DIY Mogami IC’s, (no locking ring, just like the HiLine & SL) they fit firmly into my NDX, Supernait & NAT

grey, so it doesn’t offend ‘her indoors’, and 0.5 metre.

Short lengths make cable dressing so much easier. Naim refuse to make short ones though, as they say it affects sound quality. Chord are the same.

Sensible on both counts.

Chris, this refusal to have short because it affects sound, not sure I buy into it. Short wire & PCB track lengths & minimising capacitance (amongst others) were part of design objectives when I went to school.

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