Naim 50 in 2023

Hi all, just watched the excellent Charlie Henderson Youtube video and was wondering what product the company may have considered for their big 50th Birthday.

Well for me I would love to see the DL2. A statement product and evolution of the DBL. Thing is that naim already had many speaker innovations from the SL2 that could have been incorporated in the DBL.
Firstly, for those who are familiar with the design, imagine how easily they could incorporate the SL2 tweeter suspension into the large vertical cutout of the “L” shaped part of the DBL cabinet. Secondly, the BMR suspension plate on the Ovator range was a huge improvement on the wood cutout on the DBL/NBL midrange driver. Finally, the perfectly machined alloy surfaces of the SL2’s top and bottom cabinets could be designed to work for the big 15 inch ATC bass driver, so no sealant and possibly a perfect sealed box inclosure.

I know naim don’t build speakers any more, and I know there is Buckleys chance of this happening, but how cool a product would it be if it got the go ahead. A nod to all the real fans that have bought the companies products all these years.

Any way, current situation has allowed me tp ponder more than usual, I’d better be off and do something far more constructive!

regards. Mario.

Charlie, hope your reading this.


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