Naim 500 Series Speaker upgrades

So i’m currently rolling a pair of Sopra no.1 on the Naim 500 series and i was thinking to upgrade.
What would be a solid lift in sound quality from the sopra 1?
I was thinking the Focal Diablo Utopia to be the closest since they got the bass port to the front.
The Paradigm persona B where on the list but i understood that these are hard to work with positioning wise.
And something like Scala Uotpia Evo its too large for the room, the base alone has 67 cm depth which is too much for the room furniture layout even if it stick it on the wall.
Can work with towers also as long they are close to the wall friendly.
Some extra info about my music room:

  • My room is probably on the smaller end measuring roughly : 5.2/ 3.4/ 2.4 Meters
  • I got some room treatment for walls ceiling and a carpet. (diffuser and absorbers from vicoustics behind the speakers and opposing wall, some bass traps to corners )
  • Also the speakers are quite close to the wall and to the sides of furniture and this is something i can’t change unless i move out.
    Reason to upgrade: prolly more definition and detail in the mids and highs, i got plenty of base, more than the room and neighbors can handle .

Apart second hand Naim speakers, Kudos 606 or 607, or Wilson Benesh Precision 2.0, there are not too many more for such a room, IMO.
Apart of course many bookshelves speakers, but the 500 series would benefit from the best. Maybe Proac K1 bookshelves.


Wilson Duette, perhaps?

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Do they work near a wall, Foottapper? You see, I remember your past avatar :grin:

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Oh no, Lord Lucan has been uncovered.

Yes, Duettes work close to a wall.


ProAc K6 Signatures or K10’s would be my suggestion.


It’s been said many times, but that’s a lovely system in a fantastic room :sunglasses:


Before dismissing Wilson Duette 2 speakers, it may be worth reading the reviews. Also worth knowing that it has been specifically designed to work close to a boundary wall.

Best regards, BF


In a room of 5.2/ 3.4/ 2.4 Meters?

Magico S1 ?

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The Kudos is more off a side change than an upgrade for me.

Will have a look into these, optimal would be a demo of some sorts, since the other options is going to venues and hear them or take the risk and order blindly and hoping they are an upgrade and not a down or side grade

Yeah, and they are placed on the 3.4 side not even the long 5.2 meter side :slight_smile:

They seem too big for the room size

That makes excellent sense.

The Wilson Yvette would be my preference if you are able to have some space behind them and funds permit (they are not cheap!). The Duette is really quite an exceptional speaker, certainly matching Naim 500 Series, if you need to place them up close to a wall.

Happy auditioning! BF

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If Wilson is to your taste, I’m not sure I would go for the Yvette given how much of an upgrade came with the X version of Sabrina. I would either spend on the Saha DAW or save with the Sabrina X.

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TAD Evolution 2 perhaps? Not that big and apparently very good sounding. And with a bass port underneath probably wall friendly. Good luck.

Maybe the OP should advise which speaker brands they have access to, otherwise all we will get is a never-ending list or random speaker recommendations.

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Well some of the speakers from this post so far i am familiar with and i have access to and some of them never heard of and don’t have access to unless i order from abroad.

The list should not be never ending due to the price tag of 10k +, specs regarding room size and audio gear used. Not everything works well with naim close to a wall and a relatively small room .