Naim 555 PS DR maximum VA (volt ampere)

I’d like to know some data that I can’t understand or see on the brochures or on the Naim manual.

For example how many VA is the Naim 555PS DR?

I know the Naim Hi Cap DR data which should be 500VA.

The Hicap uses a 430VA transformer, whereas the Supercap uses a 500VA transformer.

I don’t have the VA rating for the 555PS to hand, but will check out some of my documents and see if I can find the figure for you.

To be clear, are you attempting to determine the size of the transformer in VA or the actual in use maximum power consumption in VA? Because the two things are totally different.

The maximum consumption.

The maximum absorption that the power supply could have.

I think the VA value of the transformer also indicates the maximum total or otherwise peak consumption.

There is no scenario where a Supercap DR pulls 500va.

40va is the max pull.
555ps is 80va

Transformer size is overengineered on purpose.

It is much less than I thought.

At this point the data of the Naim 250 DR of 400VA should also be different.

The transformer VA rating of the original NAP250 was 400VA, then increased to a 500VA one, then with the arrival of the NAP250.2 came one rated at (IIRC) 1000VA.

But like others here I think maybe you are actually asking for something else?

The major (?only) internal differences between the XPS and the XPS2 was the size of the toroid transformer. The XPS1 was circa 500VA while the XPS2 was around 750-800VA (ish).
I had them both side by side for a month or two…they sounded completely different. The XPS1 was brittle and truncated the decay of the notes compared to the XPS2.
Of course the draw from each by the CDS3 was identical and no more than 60VA…most of it from the transport-which is accorded extra filter capacitance compared to the analog and digital stage supplies.
So an over-overspecified transformer CAN offer benefits over one that is merely overspecified.

Thank you.

And what about 250 DR ?

What transformer does it have? Even 1000 VA?

And what is the maximum peak consumption?

Thank you for your comment.

What is the improvement function of extra filter capacitance?

AFAIK, the transformer is basically the same.

I think you misunderstood me…the filter capacitance for the 10V supply that feeds the transport has always been double the amount that feeds the digital and analog stages, regardless of it is the original XPS, the XPS2 or the XPS-DR. This is because of higher power requirements to spin the motor and move the swing arm…the remaining stages have no moving parts and consume less current.

It ain’t the size that counts, it’s what you do with it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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