Naim 555PS (non DR)

Want to purchase a pre-owned Naim 555PS (non DR)

Can someone please tell me if it is supposed to come with a burndy cable?

Thanks in advance.

No. The burndies come with the source when using a 555. If you purchase an xps etc the burndy comes with that.

What are you thinking of powering???

I have 3 devices that I want to try it with: CDS3, CDX2, NDAC.

You will need to purchase an s xps burndie lead then

I am about to buy a pre-owned Naim 555PS(non DR) year 2013.

The devices that I am going to use it with include CDS3, CDX3, and Ndac.

My question are

  1. which one am I going to get the biggest surprise ?

  2. Since it is pretty old (2013), on a scale from 1 to 10(10 being new), would I be getting less than 5-6 of its full capability or ?

Thanks a lot.

The biggest surprise is likely to come from the CDX3 which must be a prototype…!

More seriously, are you currently powering the boxes with an XPS/ XPS DR/ other?

2013 is not old in PS terms and it should be performing absolutely fine after 6 or less years.

If you can obtain the 555 for a decent price, consideration could be given to having it serviced and DR’d if you have any concerns about its present condition. Hopefully you can plan for that sometime past it’s 10th birthday.


Hi Peter,

Thanks for your reply. I am currently using XPS2(non DR) on the CDS3.

I have read that 555PS/Ndac is a big surprise to many. I am very tempted to make this move…

Having 555PS is a big milestone to my Naim journey.

How’s the 555PS/Ndac going to be used in relation to the CDS3? The CDS3 doesn’t have a digital out, so cant be connected? However, I’m sure you will find the 555PS straight onto your CDS3 a pleasant surprise.

Just got the 555PS home.

Quick connection question.

After connecting the burndy from 555PS to Ndac, Ndac still has no power, am I supposed to connect the normal power cord simultaneously or no need ?


The PS replaces the mains lead. Don’t use both.

Burndy from output 1 of 555PS.


“The DAC’s internal power supply is still required when an external supply is in use so it must remain connected to the mains supply and switched on.”

Tried the 555PS only, Ndac no power.

Seems that BOTH must be connected…

That’s correct. It needs power as well as the 555ps. Bad news is that it sounds even better with a Powerline.

I’ve linked the manual above.

Thanks Eoink

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Apologies. All the ext PS boxes I’ve used squirt the power in via the Burndy instead of the mains lead. Live & learn eh? :slight_smile:

Can someone please tell me if this is an original Naim burndy cable?

Is this cable designed for connection between 555PS and CD555,CDS3,CDX2,Ndac ?


Looks like it to me.

You would use this to connect an XPS or 555PS to a DAC, CDX, CDX2, CDS2/3, HDX, NDX, NDX2 etc…