Naim 5i

Is there a way to stop the Naim 5i from turning on each time reset to CD as, this a bit too controlling for me. :slight_smile:

Don’t turn it off.

Trying to save the planet so, do not want to leave things on thanks :slight_smile:

Ok… understood.

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Sorry but what does this mean?

On the Naim 5i integrated amplifier, whenever you turn it off, regardless of which setting it is on CD, Tuner, Tape or AV, it switches back to CD when you turn it back on next time.

Don’t turn it off…

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Thank you, I was not aware of this.
You can, however, enable automatic input switching if you haven’t done so. Then it at least switches to the correct one automatically when you use the remote.

Or leave it on :slight_smile: I know, saving the planet and I appreciate it. But it uses 19 W in idle (at least the 5si does) and I’m sure you have an electricity provider who invests income in renewable energy, so you can pretend to be sponsoring them.

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I do not want to leave it on. It makes me laugh everyone who thinks that a small amount of electricity multiplied by everyone that charges a phone /laptop/ iPad or leaves their amps on etc., is insignificant. Of course it’s not :sunglasses:

Absolutely right. The way we look at this is that we have a fully renewable electricity supplier, so the Naim stays on with a clear conscience. You can save far more by switching to LED lights, efficient washing machines and tumble dryers, and of course driving as little as possible, and taking the train instead of flying.

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There are few, if any, energy companies that are truly green. Marketing is marketing, climate change is real. Convenience makes dummies out of us all. :grinning:

Are there a few things you have connected ?
Your inputs full ?
If you are only connecting something to the CD input, the logic circuits might automatically connect to that active input on turn on.

Of course it’s not, but I don’t have a car and commute by bike and I rarely travel and barely ever fly, so I have as much of a good conscience as is possible while discussing energy waste of mobile/laptop devices via an internet-connected computer.

I don’t know about your location, but where I live there are several electricity providers that are very actively investing in renewables.

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Probably a few not in the fortunate position to think about providers.
More the unscrupulous landlords threatening to up the rent unless utility consumption goes down.


Because of ~19 W for a 5i or maybe 100 W for my rig? 10 years ago this was a single light bulb. And I am confused, where I lived I always paid for my own electricity and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. In what places does the landlord pay the tenant’s electricity bill?

As we build more and more nuclear power stations please do not believe all the hype of renewables. They are relatively small fry. We all like to imagine wear we are doing a lot, but it’s the money men that run the game and we all follow on. Thanks for your messages. I’m out of this one now as, I only wanted to find out how to stop my amp always going to CD when turned
it on and I get the drift now.

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Yes, when I lived in a shared rented house as a student - I would have expected and accepted a right bollocking for leaving a light on all the time :thinking:

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I don’t believe any hype, my provider is the municipal electricity provider in Berlin and their investments in clean energy are fully disclosed. There are several others to which the same applies.

Yeah well ok, not the typical audience for a full Naim rig hat is equivalent to a bulb :slight_smile: Anyways, I was wondering more about the landlord-paying-the-electricity-bill thing