Naim 5si AV Bypass Mode

Hi Guys,
Just cant seen to get me new amp into bypass mode. Manual says to hold down the program key on the remote, but when I do it changes input to AV but the volume light flashes and doesn’t go out like the manual says. Also tried pressing the prog key then pressing the AV button twice as per the manual again but with no luck.What am I doing wrong?

I’m on a train at the moment but will check the procedure in the manual when I get back.

Try reverting to defaults first. Go into program mode then press and hold DISP. This should revert all to default. Then try the AV bypass. Make sure the remote is in preamp mode…

Thanks for that, I will do it,How do I get it into preamp mode, sorry totally new to Naim :slight_smile:

Just make sure the pre-amp softkey on the remote is selected before doing anything.

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ok thanks, is there a light flash or anything to let me know its in pre mode or just press it and it will be? Thanks again.

Just press and it will be.

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Thanks guys, now working as it should :slight_smile:

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