Naim 5si with Proac dt8 speakers?

Just wondering if anyone has paired these beauties up? I’m due to pick up my naim this week and I’m wondering if my fyne 302’s will get the best out of my system? I was blown away when I heard the difference between my marantz and the naim at the dealers although not on fyne speakers. Any comments greatly appreciated. (Its great to be part of such a friendly forum with fellow naim owners!) Cheers

I can not speak for the ProA DT8 speakers but I have run a Pair of ProAc D2’s with my Naim Nait XS 2 and currently have a pair of ProAc D30RS speakers with my SuperNait 2.

I love ProAc speakers and found they work well with Naim.

Do you have a chance to listen to them at a dealers or have a home demo?

Congratulations and good luck with your decision!

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Agreed on ProAc but they eat power. I am on my second pair. Just be sure you don’t overmatch your Nait 5si. I had a Nait 5i and was never happy with it on the nSats.

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