Naim Allae how to level it right?

Bought some mint Allaes but how to level them makes me confused after reading Allaes topics.

Richard wrote: The speakers need to be perfectly upright and straight. I know some who like to tilt them back ever so slightly and that’s probably OK (but just ever so slightly - if you set the bottom box up to be perfectly upright, the weight of the top box when you put it on will push the rear spring down slightly and thus give a backward tilt), but the other way is a definite no-no, but you be amazed how many i’ve found set up that way and sounding not right.

Do i only need to level it on the bottom box, or on the top box?

Hope to hear from you.

@Richard.Dane - ?

Most critical is to ensure that the cabinet is perfectly vertical left to right and that all four spikes are square. Use a similar technique here to the one in my SL2 guide, Although you don’t have the tweeter arm to help you, so ensuring the rear spikes are engaging the floor at exactly the same time can be trickier, especially where you’re on carpet (tip: cut slits through carpet). If you get this wrong then the sub frame twists slightly and while it seems all ok, performance will be off.

The room has concrete floors with laminate on it. The cabinet is perfectly vertical left and right, you mean bottom + top box?

Doing everything without the top box can be easier, but once the top box is on and crossovers connected, the extra weight will push on the sprung rear and result in the cabinets squatting backwards. While this is not necessarily a disaster - a little backward lean is fine - if you don’t have the rear spikes of the sub-frame right, it just exacerbates the issues. Oh yes, one more thing, once everything is right, don’t forget to fully tighten the nuts on the spikes - but be very careful not to let the spikes turn when you tighten…

“Oh yes, one more thing, once everything is right, don’t forget to fully tighten the nuts on the spikes - but be very careful not to let the spikes turn when you tighten…”

almost rocket science :thinking:

Wouldn’t a lot of this depend on listening position? I.e. if the listening position was really low even a little forward tilt might be okay?

Maybe, but I never experimented with sitting on the floor with Allaes. Also consider that the sprung rear base was designed with the speakers positioned upright rather than tilted forward.

I guess that’s a very low listening position. Was just thinking that most speakers are designed to have the ear at tweeter or mid height, and some do actually have a tilted baffle to achieve that. So the idea of tilting the speaker without regard for the listening position seemed strange.

I’ll try and read up on the sprung base.

The set up was surprisingly simple and quick. They sound the most balanced overall at 57,5 cm from the rear wall (front to rear wall). Bass is quick, clean and full (no boom, eventhough the right speakers sits in the corner), mid natural and treble open and sparkly. So happy with it. My wife doesn’t like their looks and color, but hey lekker boeien.

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Lekker boeien indeed! In my experience a short fight then happens, but the loudspeakers then get accepted quite quickly.

So after a week of listening im happy with the sound. They need the rear wall (22,5 cm from back to wall) and fronts/grilles to have a balanced sound. Now there is speed, bass oohmp/power without booming, clarity without thinness etc. Everything sounds appealing from 80s rock to deep house. And there is also soundstage, so not all is Naims flatearth.

So happy :ok_hand:


Great speakers! Enjoy!

thanx :grin:

Sounds like a nice result @RLI
Over the years I’ve owned two pairs of Allaes probably spanning 15 years of ownership, once you get them positioned and setup correctly they will reward.

Yes right speaker sitting in the corner and left one near the fireplace, but overall SQ is very good with pleasing Naim qualities. Bass is very clean, agile, fast and full with no boom. My wife don’t like the color so i’m looking for black ones…or not :joy:

Surround also sounds better with the Allaes as fronts (large setting audyssey). So few costs big enjoyment. The former Kefs Q550 are now in my office on the second floor.


last tuesday we had 2 short power failures, and after that the set sounds a bit off :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Make sure the tweeters and mid/bass drivers are OK. Tweeters should be working. With power amp off, when you splay out your fingers and gently push on the mid/bass driver cone there should be no crunchiness.

Then, power down for a few minutes and then power everything up again.

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strange reply??? We had 2 short power failures in the street, that’s all. The Allaes or the stereo gear isn’t damaged. The sound is just off, flat and boring with all drivers working properly.

You said it now all sounds a bit “off” so I recommended to check whether the power outage was accompanied by a surge and has damaged anything.

Just trying to respond to what appeared to be a post asking for help, so my apologies if that was not what you were looking for.

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