Naim allae with isoacoustics Gaia 3

Has anyone tried isoacoustics Gaia 3 footers on a naim allae speaker? I’m just thinking of upgrading since there is a pair of it for sale used and would like some thoughts of it

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I wonder if they would work on speakers that already have sprung suspension?

I’ll look forward to hearing how you get on with them…

(I have been considering some granite/marble plinths for mine.)

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Last time I wanted to buy them, the seller who seems to have quite a lot of experience told me that on my concreet floor and my system it probably would not help in terms of sound quality.

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That’s why I wondered if I should get it aswell. At this stage, still thinking if I want it or not. I could save up the money and get something else. Since the Gaia still cost quite abit

Current I have tiled floors , so no idea if it’s gonna benefit the speakers or not. Especially on an allae

The Allaes are designed to oscillate on their leaf spring base. Isolators will affect this, possibly not in a good way. I wouldn’t bother. Your profile doesn’t mention your source; that’s probably where it’s best to invest.

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HH may be right. The only way to check would be to give it a try.

My own experience with Gaias makes me think that it will be pretty obvious if there is a problem or if they work as intended.


Yea I guess so, even my other friends who is not familiar with the Allaes. Upon mentioning that it has a leaf spring suspension system, they just told me that the speaker pretty much has a built in Gaia already.

Currently, I’m using a teac ud501 together with hqplayer 5 for filters and oversampling. However I plan to upgrade my dac to a R2R based, Pcm63 chip based with discrete output or plain resistor ladder dac.

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