Naim and Chord Qutest

So - Naim generally works best with no SMPSs in sight - I’ve experienced a bad SMPS sort of get a choke hold on Naim amplification - music just won’t swing.
Looking at the chord Qutest as a change of pace - probably just a temporary fling.

In any case - it comes with a SMPS. Should it go to the same dedicated line as the amplification or a different one?

And what if this second system doesn’t have a dedicated line at all.

Tips/Comments from Chord/Naim owners appreciated!

Thinking of using it a system with Nac72/HicapDR/250DR or some sort of a Nait.

My Qutest is on a separate supply and has no negative impact that I can discern used in that manner. Does a great job for the bluray and Sky Q feeding through the TV.

My Qutest is plugged into a Shunyata Delta 6s PLC. Each pair of duplex outlets is isolated from the others. Everything sounds A-OK.

Not really, remember in the newer streamers (NDX2 and ND5XS2) Naim use an SMPS in the product to power it when in standby and you are listening to another source on your Naim.
With SMPS and to some extent transformer based PSUs, it all depends on the quality of the PSU with respect to the mains distortion caused.

When I used a Chord Switched mode PSU I found it important to to feed with quality mains supply as the same as the rest of my Naim system…
What was interesting I did some blind listening tests with the (Hugo) SMPS plugged in and removed, and there was discernible difference.
However I did find a difference between running on batteries or via connected PSU… batteries being preferable. In the end I went with a third party (linear transformer) PSU and now I prefer connected to PSU

Thanks! What linear PSU do you use?

Remember that the Qutest has a different power requirement to the Hugo, as well as using a micro USB connection, so you’ll need to make sure you choose one that’s compatible.

I use a MCRU Hugo mk1 powersupply. They offer power supplies for many DACs, including in the Chord Electronics range and later Hugo DACs and the new Qutest.
BTW my post above should have said no discernible difference from the Hugo SMPS on my Naim system when plugged in or removed.

+1 for MCRU

Some general comments in the hope that they are useful. I’ve got a Qutest fed by a dedicated music server (a home-made mini-itx PC running Daphile OS) via USB, and the output of the Qutest is plugged into the analogue input of my 272. I prefer the Qutest DAC sound to the 272’s DAC – I have found the Qutest sound to be clearer and has better separation so details are easier to pick out. The Qutest seems to make the foot tap more. I have the standard PSU for the Qutest and am considering getting a linear one (when I can afford it) – Sbooster looks good. I see people have tried MCRU, anyone tried the Sbooster?

A side note – I have recently tried transcoding to DSD on my music server and feeding the Qutest with this. I think this sounds very good – a slight edge over PCM. But it does make the music server’s processor hot!

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