Naim and Dynaudio Thread

there’s quite a difference, you get what you pay for.

If the deal/funds allow I would go for PS555…

after playing with various combinations on my Dynaudio Focus 260 speakers the one I liked the most was upgrading the source… hence the power supply upgrade for 272 does both (source and preamp)

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@Sj: Since I will never have the funds to join the discussion on this question, allow for another outlier comment: I can’t help it but I love that cabinet, and the top horizontal alignment of TV and speakers (done on purpose?)

@pbode Yes, I really like the cabinet to, its quite new. Bolia Hifi Luxe. I like more traditional TV-furniture over Hifi-Racks, but I have realized now that I have to replace it to fit any upgrade of Naim as it is full and cant even handle much more weight. But it looks really nice with just a 272 and rega on top.

The TV was actually placed in that height because of my previous cabinet. I like to have it as low as the cabinet (with components on top) allows. So it is not purposly aligned with the speakers, and actually 1-2 cm higher. But since it still looks nice I haven’t bothered to take it down the 5 cm I could have with this cabinet. :slight_smile:

This week I have been playing with my setup by removing the NAP200 and have the Atom drive my Contour S 3.4 LE directly. Even though the NAP200 sounds more powerful and in a way more refined, I think the sound with the Atom only is more coherent. It’s just good. Voices sound more forward with the Atom, which I like and the bottom end is a bit fuller (and more boomy) which is also more my taste. Probably the NAP200 sounds more ‘audiophile’ but the Atom sounds more balanced. After putting back the NAP200 and let it warm up one day I have decided to take it out again. So I continue to play with the Atom only for now and see how that works out. Maybe its about time to upgrade to a Nova and move the Atom to the attic. Not sure yet, but the Atom makes music in a uncomplicated and involving way which I really like. To be continued. :yum:


@Dynaudio1 What do you use as pre and source. I have the impression from the forum that 272 alone will not make the 300DR shine its best. But I have not heard it and is curious if anyone uses 272 with 300 and is happy without plans to upgrade.


I use a CDS3 and 555PS as digital source, connected via SuperLumina. On the vinyl side I have an LP12 with Aro and Superline. Preamp is a 252. Both sources perform very nicely through this setup.

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I think you should try a 300 and see what you think

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On my 272+250DR, have recently auditioned the following: S40, Evoke 30, Evoke 50, Contour 20, Contour 30 and Contour 30i, all with enough hours under their belt.

S40: perfect match for this system. Lively sound, forgiving, easy to drive.
Evoke 30: wonderful speakers, a tad below S40 on details but more presence and coherence.
Evoke 50: a true performer. Could write 3 pages on how good these are!
Contour 20: less exciting than S40 but more refined. Would still get the Evoke 30 instead.
Contour 30: only marginally better than Evoke 30. Evoke 50 definitely better. (that’s why they pushed the i series so fast)
Contour 30i: a revelation. Could pair these with 500 series without any hesitation. (never heard a 500 series but I can extrapolate :smile:) An end game for most.

There you have it! I’m saving for either C30i or Evoke 50.
Never felt 250DR lacks oomph.


I’ve recently bought the Evoke 50 to replace S40. For the money I think they’re very difficult to beat.
I’m not going to listen to the i series as I’m trying to stick with what I have.


I’m frankly surprised at the difference between Contour 30/30i. What differences exactly? I’m s big fan of Contour 30. Did you audition Contour 20i as well?

C20i were brand new, sounding …brand new.
The Contour sounded only marginally better than Evoke, hence the push for the new i series.

Yes but did you audition Contour 20 and 20i? If so what differences did you hear to your ears?

would anyone be able to provide feedback on how the focus 260 compares to the evokes?

I drove Sopra 2’s with 252/250dr and my ears bled. Changed to Contour 60’s and found them to be far superior in every respect as well as beautiful top end. Wonderful, wonderful speaker with Naim. (Room 24’x12’; 9’ ceiling).


I have set of Audience 52’s (not SE) also for use in a second system and they are fantastic little speakers the bass that comes out of those small cabinets belies belief.

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I’ve yet to hear a bad Dynaudio speaker of course as you go up through the ranges things become more refined but listened to in isolation even so called ‘budget’ ranges would keep me happy.



Wow, surprisingly the Sopra 2 is making ears bleed although its driven by the 252 (and not 282). It must be a rather bright sounding speaker.

That was definitely my take-away in my set-up, Ryder.

Late to the party! Is the party still on?

Got my SN1 plugged into some Dynaudio DM 2/7s. Really wanted the floorstanders, but kids, apartment, and wife all disagreed. Bought them before I even owned a Naim, but the dealer (In Living Stereo here in NYC) had them plugged into a X2 when I was testing them out and I was in love. Among the test records were Kraftwerk’s Tour de France and, holy moly, did the sound blow me away. Never had that happen before. I went home with the new speakers, plugged in am, and played that record over and over and the Cambridge amp I owned at the time just couldn’t recreate that experience. I had to own a Naim.

Anyway, when I eventually ('cause who am I kidding) upgrade speakers, it will probably also be to Dynaudio. Just good synergy across the musical spectrum.


I have been there as well, that wow factor when a dealer has the kit set up nicely. There are a few speaker companies whose products just gel with Naim. Dynaudio are not always the easiest speakers to drive, although I think that the DM series are not so bad. What I can tell you is that as you work up the Dynaudio ranges then you will find that things only get better. The treble gets even sweeter, the bass gains more definition and depth, and then you forget the hifi and just enjoy the music. I am so glad that I found Dynaudio. I am on Special 40s now, and they are a class act.