Naim and ground boxes

I’ve used Entreq ethernet cable + ground box with great result for some time and decided to evaluate a higher range ground box from them so I have it on my Lumin streamer for now but would like to evaluate it on my NAC272 too. In comparison to other Naim preamps this model lack the ground connector so I thought of getting a ground cable made for RCA instead. This is the same theory as Chord Groundarray, Nordost QKORE, Ifi and Shunyata use to lower signal ground noise levels but not sure how Naim and specifically 272 is constructed on signal ground in/outputs. The digital connectors I’ve understood are isolated from chassis ground but could they benefit from a virtual ground to lower the noise levels?

You’re right. The coaxial digital inputs (and single output) are all via pulse transformers so If you want signal ground, you’ll need to use the outer ring of one of the analogue RCA inputs or outputs. As to whether you’ll gain any benefit…

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Ok, thanks. For me to find out :sunglasses: I guess I have to turn the chosen input on in the app too.

You shouldn’t need to. Apart from the NAC S1, the signal ground is always connected whether the input/output is enabled or not.

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Ah ok great to know :ok_hand:

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Hi @Slamdam, how have your experiments with the 272 and ground boxes gone, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts/results?
I did quickly try a small ground box on my network switch serving the hifi once and I thought it cleaned things up a little but I didn’t have opportunity to experiment any further sadly and I’m sure there was more to be had.

Haven’t evaluated on the 272 yet but have great results adding ground box to Ethernet cable between switch and streamer and on streamer. Will attach it to the fifth pole on my Tannoy speakers too which ground the speaker casing of it. I guess tannoy put it there for a reason.

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