Naim and network

Years back I had enquired on this forum about how to use the unitiqute in the bedroom when the router was in the living room.

Just to let you guys know that it was only last week I did this.

Got a tplink n450 router which can also be setup in wifi extender mode.

So I set it up in the bedroom connecting it (wirelessly) with the main router.

Then hooked up my bedroom laptop (with a usb connected external harddrive and running Asset upnp) to the n450 and hooked up the unitiqute to the n450 as well.

Works fine. Can play all the FLAC files on the external hard drive.

But connection sometimes drops - not sure if it is due to the router (which according to amazon reviews is known for that issue) or the old laptop or Asset. Will work that out.


I returned the tplink due to its constant connection drops and ordered this which apparently is more stable :


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