Naim and Tannoy Glenair

Hi guys

Do anyone here have experienced Naim on a pair of Glenair?

I have Nap 155 XS it should be powerful enough.


Given that they are specified as delivering 95dBA at 1m for 1 Watt input, and with impedance quoted at 8 ohms nominal, (not checked the extremes) it would seem that most amps could drive Glenairs.


I run Cheviots from an Atom and they go plenty loud enough for me. Most Tannoys are very easy to drive.


Auditioned a pair of Ardens a few years ago, and whilst I ended up with ATC SCM 40s I really liked the big Tannoys, cost and where to put them were the main stumbling blocks.

I must keep my eyes open for an older pair on the used market. :0)

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Mine are restored second hand ones that I picked up at the end of 2020 via the pink place. They are just so easy to listen to that I doubt they will ever leave.

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Tannoy Legacy Eaton here. Love them with my Naim system.

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