Naim and Tidal Connect issues


I own Naim Muso 2 which is connected through a cable, so not Wifi. I play my songs from the Tidal app through Tidal Connect. I see my Naim Muso 2 listed in the device list. But it all goes wrong after 15 or so minutes. The speaker keeps on playing the playlist but the Tidal app has completely lost its connection. The track that is currently playing is different from the track listed in the Tidal app. It’s not in sync. The Naim remains visible in the device list, but the Tidal app reverts back to my Android device. I have to force close the Tidal app and resart it. It will work for a while and the same problem occurs. I also notice “Tidal could not connect to the server.” error message from time to time. I have reset my internet connection, updated the Tidal app. I have removed and reinstalled it. The problem remains. I have seen more people complain about this very issue but with different systems, such as Bluesound, etc. So this issue is not my Naim Muso 2, I think… It works fine when I play my music through my Naim app. The Tidal app seems the problem here.

Have any of you experienced the same issue? Or have you discovered a solution yet?

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