Naim and Totem

Has anyone compared Totem Forest speakers with Totem Tribes with their Uniti amp? Which one you prefer as per sound quality?

I can’t speak to the comparison you ask for. But, I have a SN2 with Tribe Towers and it is a great match!

I tried some totems with a atom they sounded great on demo but when I got them home i just couldn’t get them to sound the same returned and replaced with LS50 extremely pleased home trial absolutely necessary for speakers best of luck

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Thx. Do you have enough bass from them? Or using a subwoofer?

Which Totems you tried?

Years ago I paired my Nait XS mk1 with a pair of Totem Arro’s and they were a fine match, if the treble was a maybe a little hot.

@Mike_S uses Totem Forests with a SN2, perhaps he can give some insight.

I tried arrows i just couldn’t get them to have a stable soundstage every thing kept drifting I think room settings make a huge difference I’m thinking of upgrading my LS50 now I have a Naim nova but one thing I now know is home audition is essential

Maybe you need a bigger speaker that will give authority, like the Forests.

Think @Mike_S has the Totems I’m sure he can assist.

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I have the Totem Forest Signatures, which are currently on my SN2 system (changing soon to 252/250). I also had them with my Nova before I had the SN2. They work perfectly well with either option, and have more to give as you go up the range.

I also have Totem Hawks, which started on a UnitiCute 2 and are now with the Nova and that is pretty nice too. I have heard the Totem Tribes with the Nova and thought that was a pretty nice combo too, and others here run them with SN2’s.

I think if you go with the Forests Signatures (favoured over the Forest I think), then you would want the Uniti Star or Nova, and know that they can stay if you plan to go up further with amplification and will deliver more. If you plan to stop at the Uniti level, the Tribes may be more suited. As always though, room size and interaction come into play.


Thank you for the input. I tested the Tribes and Forest at a dealer with a Macintosh 252 amp. Originally had heart set on the Tribes, but when I heard both, found that the Tribes bass was really lacking, nice holographic sound though. So ordered the regular Forests, as they did not have the sigs, plus the much more$. I have the Star. Found the Forests smoother sounding despite aluminum tweeter and deeper more powerful bass.

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Much smaller I know but I have used Totem Mites on the end of my Uniti. Great for a small room, surprisingly good bass.
I have kept them in my attic for when I build my extension, I will use them with my Nait1.


No subwoofer. I find they have plenty of bass.

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Just wanted to update, ended up purchasing the Totem Forest speakers and JL audio D110 subwoofer. The sound is amazing paired with the Star. Those Totems pair really well with the Naim gear. Smooth, top end is clear without bright sounding and very holographic, spacious sounding.


Great result, thanks for the update. Years of musical enjoyment to look forward to :sunglasses::+1:

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