Naim Andoird app problem - won't build a list of songs

I’ve been using the Naim app for Android to play tracks with my NDX with few problems on the whole, with Asset UPNP as the source of tracks.
Recently, however, it will only play one track and then stops, even though I have (tried to) add other tracks either as Next or Last. To play another track I have to select a track and press Play, every time. Which is frustrating.
Also when I select a track and press play, the list of available tracks goes to the top of the folder, rather than staying (more or less) where it was when I selected a track.
Anyone any ideas what has gone wrong, please?

I have the same problem on IOS. It starter today.
NDX and IPhone. Must be a bug…

Also happening on my Asus tablet (also Android). Very odd - but comforting that I’m not the only one with the problem.

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