Naim Android App - Qobuz Playlist Strange Behavior

Using a Samsung Galaxy S21 5G and Naim App v6.0.5

I believe my Naim app updated between Christmas 2022 and NYE 2022. Prior to the latest update everything worked fine but post the update I have something strange going on with my Qobuz playlist.

My Qobuz playlist is quite large but far from ridiculous. Maybe 150 tracks in total.

When I click my Qobuz playlist which is saved as a Preset, the first track starts playing as normal. Then if I want to play a track that isn’t displayed on screen (ie I have to scroll down) and press the track I want to play the tracklisting screen goes back to the first track and doesn’t play the track i’ve just clicked on.

Can anyone else confirm this? I’ve come to realise after much faffing; if I press and hold on a track for the correct number of seconds it will play the track in question, but this is really hit and miss because if I press it for too long it thinks I am trying to do something else like re-order my playlist or something.

This bug is really starting to ruin my Naim experience now. I have the SN3 and ND5 XS2. Connected to Cisco switch.

@Stevesky - Can you shed any light on this please?

You could try this.

When the first track is playing, press that track on the list, so that track is displayed on the screen.
Then go back to the playlist.
Select another track and see what happens.

Hi @chrisgtl

I’ve asked our test team to try it out.
Do you have a support ticket raised for this one? If so can you let me know the number so we can match it up.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

Hi @Stevesky - No, I didn’t raise a ticket for it. I will try do that now and update with ticket number. Did your test team find the same behaviour?

Did you try what I suggested.

Yeah, still same behaviour unfortunately.

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