Naim Android app - searching using Asset

This must be really simple, but I haven’t figured it out.
I am using Naim app on Android to control my NDX, with Asset providing the streaming. There is a magnifying glass icon to search - but when I select that, it says Searching on Tidal. I don’t see how I can search the music controlled by Asset on my NAS - could some kind person give me a clue on how to ignore Tidal (I don’t use it) but to search my NAS, please?

Nope you can’t use Naims search it works for local storage from a usb disk or streaming not from another upnp server. It’s a major oversight for me. You have to go into servers section and do it there using the options Asset presents.

When in Asset, select say all artists or all albums and then type into the filter box. It works really well.

Unless I’m ‘misinterpreting’ your question :grimacing: - you can do what you’re asking.
Turn Tidal off (settings, input settings, Tidal; input enabled - ‘untick’ it).

As you can see: I’m running Minim (also have Asset; don’t like the ‘sound’) & I can search every song, I believe it’s the same for Asset - if not please correct me :relaxed:

(Sorry the bottom pic should have been the second pic, then the middle one)

Ah - that’s interesting. A totally different layout/arrangement, but it works. I will try to get used to it. Thank you

Not sure what you mean be being in Asset - I select UPNP, and then I am in my music folders. I see the folder names, plus any tracks that are not in subfolders.
I have taken JR007’s suggestion and turned off Tidal, and now when I select UPNP I have to choose between the UPNP servers - so I select Asset.
I can see lots more ways of getting to my music now, though, and I suspect one is as you are suggesting, so many thanks.

OK, tried that, and searching is fine. But now there is a rather strange and unfortunate change. Before, when I clicked on a track, I had the option of play, play next, play last and something else - add to playlist, IIRC. Now, no option, it just plays the track, replacing whatever was currently playing. So I can’t build a list of tracks to play. Though I can select shuffle. I imagine there is some way of doing this, but…

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