Naim App - a couple of questions

I have started archiving my CD collection to a hard drive connected via a USB socket. I use EAC for copy/conversion purposes.

So far so good, but generic files on the HDD are listed - the ones that are nothing to do with audio files.
Q1) is there a way to hide non audio folders/files?
Q2) is there a way to import album art to the app, and which displays on the screen of the Atom?

Thanks in advance.

Hi There,

These files contain all the additional info about CD and can be deleted if music is to be used on a NAS for instance.
The images are a bit of a different story as they are not embedded into music files. Also, if ripped by Naim Core they’re of a massive size (2-3 Mb!!). I bought PerfectTunes from dbpoweramp to embed images into music files and to reduce size of images to about 200 - 400 kB. This program is very good in editing tags as well.

Look for the music files in the Server input under Local Music, rather than in the USB input, and you should get a better browsing experience.

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