Naim App and M Connect app

Simpleton here…

I have the Naim app for my system, but I also use M Connect to stream FLAC through my iPhone to headphones or wireless Ruark speakers.

The M Connect can also control my Naim system in a simlar way to the Naim app.

My assumption/understanding is that the Naim app just provides an interface with my NAS held music.

So does M Connect do that or is it transfering/streaming music via my iphone to my Uniti? Thereby adding an additional bit of equipment into the chain.

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It will go straight from the nas to the Naim.

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That’ll do me, thanks.

I use MConnectHD on an iPad to send Tidal files into a Naim 272 via upnp.

when I first got MConnectHD, I thought that it was just controlling the stream from Tidal servers into my 272.

but someone On this forum told me that the files actually go into my iPad

They said that the test is that when you switch off the iPad the music stops playing

And indeed it does

But I’m not sure whether that applies to local streaming from a nas?

There are 3 possibilities distinguished when you play a complete album and switch the device off (or sleep) part way through a track:

1 The album keeps playing: the controller app instructs the player to play a complete playlist (this is what the Naim App does). The player controls the playback, including the playist.

2 The current track keeps playing, but the next track doesn’t start (this is what HomeAV systems and many other generic UPnP/DLNA controllers do): the player plays each track individually after being instructed to do so by the controller app. The controller controls the playlist, the player controls the playback of each individual track.

3 The track stops playing immediately: in this case the stream is being sent to the player via the device.

There is a fourth possible scenario in which (on being tuned off) the device instructs the player to stop a track, but this is highly unlikely.

I use MConnectHD on an iPad to stream Qobuz into my NDX and Superuniti, it sounds very good…excuse my ignorance but how exactly does it work…?

The music stops immediately when I switch off my iPad that is running MConnectHD.

So it’s your option 3.

(Unless it’s your very unlikely option 4, which is very unlikely.)

What do you mean by ‘it sounds very good’?

Compared to what?

Is it distinguishable from the Naim app?

Have you tried a blind test, where someone else plays each option to you without you knowing which it is?

Actually, you could only make the comparison on Tidal or Spotify as these are native to the NDX (with Naim app), whereas Qobuz is not.

But one comparison you could easily make is between Qobuz hires and Qobuz 16/44.

MConnectHD works by telling the Qobuz server to send a upnp stream to itself and then redirects to your NDX.

Convers digital, who make MConnectHD, told me that it sends the audio file as it is, unprocessed in that instance.

So either it should sound the same as the Naim app, or if there is a SQ difference it must be caused by the upnp stream changing what the NDX streaming board has to do to play that compared to a native Tidal or Spotify stream.

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Wow I never expected the Spanish Inquisition!

As I said, Qobuz streamed via MConnectHD sounds very good…I have nothing to compare it with as I’m on the old platform Naim…

A 24 bit “Mingus Ahum” on Qobuz was much nicer than my CD rip via Asset/NAS but then it should be I guess.

Thanks for the MConnectHD explanation, all is now clear…

Generally I mainly listen to tracks on random play.

In the Naim App, once selected, it will play continuosly until I change input. Shutting the app completely or letting my iphone go to sleep does not stop play.

M Connect will play non stop even when phone goes to sleep, but will stop the stream if I fully close it down.

I guess that doesn’t help much.

In terms of SQ, can’t say these cloth ears notice any difference.


But seriously, I’d be interested if you’d compare the Mingus 24 bit to the 16 bit both on Qobuz And let me know if you hear any difference.

If there’s no SQ difference, then why not just use the Naim app.

It’s far better for playing and organising tracks and has much much better links and artist info and less presses to get stuff done than MConnectHD.

I do, but as I have M Connect to play all files to a wireless set of speakers and discovered it could do my Naim as well I thought I’d try that as well.

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I read the forum with great interest and continue to learn so much from everyone. But one of the threads that appears every now and again is the ability to play Qobuz on the 272. I continue to be able to play hires files without problems using the mconnect app. Very occasionally I do get a track that buffers - but it is so occasional, I don’t worry about it. And when it does it ALWAYS coincides with the Wi-fi taking a hammering from the family. I know that is against most opinion which seems to suggest it’s due to the 272. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong thread but it seemed ok to mention it for others to try, should they wish…

I still use the MConnectHD app.

It’s a bit fiddly to use compared to the Naim app.

But always seems to sound a bit better - presumably because of the upnp delivery of audio files from Tidal and Qobuz.

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