NAIM App and Qobuz

I’ve just taken delivery of a new NDX2 and am streaming Qobuz through it, via the NAIM App.

I have saved a large Qobuz library of albums, however they are listed in the NAIM App. In a random haphazard manner. Does anyone know how to sort albums in the NAIM App. In alphabetical order. I can’t find a way to do it anywhere.

Many thanks, Andy


Mar 29

I have raised this exact issue with Naim support. They responded saying that Qobuz did not support alphabetical sorting in their own app. After I sent them a video showing the Qobuz app sorting alphabetically (either by album or artist), they seemed surprised and forwarded it to their software developer team.

Hopefully they will get it sorted as I find it a major irritation to be honest!



I’m not fortunate enough to own a Naim streaming device that supports Qobuz but I have to say I’m utterly flabbergasted if this is accurate.

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It was accurate in 29 May at least. But don’t know if it’s still the case, but presume.
However a lot use Roon, which have not that problem…

Thanks Mark, and hopefully NAIM can find a solution. As you say, it is odd that you can sort alphabetically on Qobuz but not in the NAIM App.

Sorry, I just quoted a post from Mark.
Do you use or project to use Roon?

No, I don’t intend to use Roon, and would prefer to just stream direct from the NAIM App.

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This failing is not unique to the Naim app. I can report that the Lindemann app which I use to control the truly fabulous Limetree Bridge also does not support sorting Qobuz favourites.

DO NOT EXPECT ANYTHING!! This App is totally unfit for purpose! I’ve sent letters with problems to them - nothing ever gets done!!

Qobuz trough Naim app keeps stoping after one song:(

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I use Qobuz through several different apps all of which allow favourites to be sorted alphabetically in album or artist views this is nonsense. It’s default is latest first but it’s up to the app to sort the data. This seems a big oversight if you ask me.

It does seem a very basic requirement that I am astounded is not available. I’m not pointing any fingers as to who is responsible for its omission btw. I have to say I am not especially impressed by the Qobuz Android app when using it on an Astell & Kern DAP and it seems impossible to get either company to take responsibility for its significant failings. In this case, however, the main problem is, apart from generally running quite slowly, that it is unable to cope with any significant amount of downloaded material to the device which you can of course do within the Android and iOS apps. The Offline Library option is unusable - clicking on it will cause the app to take at least 6 minutes to display anything and eventually crash. You can cheat by accessing releases offline through the ‘My Qobuz - My Favourites’ menu but you get network error messages and no cover art. The app usually freezes when downloading releases as well. I do have over 300GB of data downloaded onto the internal 512GB hard drive, but there is nothing in the Qobuz advertising that suggests you are limited in the amount of material you can download. Also there is no problem using Tidal in this way.

However, it is possible to sort favourites alphabetically by artist! :slight_smile:

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I can’t organize my Qobuz favorite albums for artists with both the Naim and the Linn apps.
According to the Qobuz customer service, the issue is due to Naim and Linn.


This may have already been covered so my apologies if so but favorite artists are organized alphabetically in Qobuz and then you can choose from the artist’s albums as a possible work around.

No, it doesn’t work.

I have my fav albums organized by artists in the Qobuz web player / iOS app / desktop app, but on both the Linn and Naim apps they are shown for last addictions only.


Found this on the Auralic forum from earlier this year…

The problem is clearly not exclusively a Naim one. It’s been dragging on since December 2018 it would seem with Auralic. Maybe Naim, Linn, Auralic and any others could do a joint lobby!

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My main complaint with browsing Qobuz is that you cannot browse an artist’s albums. You can try, but there are often loads of random singles and EPs mixed in with them. It’s the same in Qobuz and Naim apps. Fortunately Roon manages to unravel the dog’s dinner that Qobuz presents you.

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My main reason for choosing Roon, in fact… if Naim could make a few tweaks to their app to allow better sorting, I could be tempted to ditch Roon.


When I got towards the end of my extended Roon trial, I went back to using the Naim app. And, it just needs a few tweaks to make it great.
I ditched Roon as I only have one endpoint. I saw little reason for paying a yearly fee when the Naim app does 95% of what I use.

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‘A few tweaks to make it great’. What tweaks and great are you revering to? Do you mean that Qobus within the Naim app wil actually work proper in terms of 'Not stopping, loose contact with the app? Because this is something that drives me crazy.:triumph::astonished::drooling_face:Or maybe you ment Naim to futher ‘tweak’ the app?