Naim app and system automation

I use ndx2 and 252 pre.
When i press mute there is no visual sign that mute is pressed. When 252 goes on mute mode, app showing the same icon (a speaker). There is no way to tell that system is muted.
There cases when a radio stream has stopped but app shows that is on, so you cant be sure what is the problem, system is muted or stream have stopped?

Also when i change to another input (e.g aux 2/turntable/preamp 6) how i can return -by using the app- to ndx2 input (tuner/preamp2)?
I can only do that manually by pressing tuner button on 252. There is no preamp2 option on naim app. All other inputs are available (1,3,4,5,6)

I experience the same on the ND555 and NAC552. I assume you keep the display on the preamp in the OFF setting. In this case you can only be sure preamp is muted by watching it as you touch the speaker icon on the app, or by switching the preamp display to ON.

Regarding changing back to the ND input from (frequently in my case) the NAT01, I select the NAT01 input on the app, then I can switch to Server on the app which takes it back to the ND555.

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Yes. The automation just turns the motor of the 252 volume pot and can switch the input to the one you chose in the app. Changing the volume from the app is only “turn motor right” and “turn motor left”. It has no idea what the current volume or mute state is, therefore also just the buttons in the app and no slider or numbers.

This is because the 252 is a very traditional analog preamp. And we love it :slight_smile:


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