Naim app and tidal app problem

When trying play some albums from tidal via naim app I get an error message: failed to get tidal album nr******.

Using naim nd5xs2.

Problem only occurs using naim app, otherwise playing directly from tidal no problem.

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I tried to listen to some of these albums using chromecast successfully.


Hi @JPA2, which album(s) did you try and what specifically was the error message? If you have a screenshot, that would be particularly helpful.

oh, miles davis " round midnight"
bob dylan, “blood on the tracks”!
are two examples.

i have a screenshot but its on my phone. putting it up later on

Strong choices. Sorry you couldn’t hear them.
If you have a screenshot that would be very helpful.

got it now

when will naim incorporate tidal connect?

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They already do. Are you getting such an error for every album or just “some”?

Edit: I misread and didn’t see “Connect”

For what it’s worth I’m getting errors with those 2 albums as well with the Naim app so the problem isn’t limited to the original poster

just some albums. but what are the problem?

But I dont get the tidal connect in my Tidal app or naim app.

I’m fairly sure Naim said Tidal Connect was coming in 2021

Yes thats what I read as well.
Looking forward to it, so i dont have to use the naim app.

Trying to use Roon to see if it works listen to those albums instead. like i said, listening directly from tidal using chromecast works.

Sounds like it is probably something that Naim need to fix with Tidal. Issues like this remind me why the vast majority of my streaming is local from my NAS

yep. Read some similar threads on other equipment.
looking for alternative to stream via NAS as well, tired of issues like these.

Like me you already have the ND5 XS2 so a NAS from Qnap or Synology running Asset or Minimserver and you’re good to go

Tidal Connect is not currently available on Naim products, but will be in 2021.

looking forward to it!

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Sorry, I had misread and overlooked the “Connect”, so mistook it for “when will Naim include Tidal in the app”

No worries. Take care!

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